Artificial Intelligence


In the future, AI technology will become much more prevalent and we will interact with smart devices on a daily basis.

These devices will understand our needs via spoken commands, visual gestures, and other cues and be able to help and guide us appropriately.

New AI technology in the home and in the workplace will enable us to carry out our routines more efficiently; however, we need to ensure that these technologies operate in a safe and secure manner.

Our Vision

We need new AI developed at Samsung Research to provide a beneficial customer experience for all our billions of Samsung users and devices. AI needs to be better aware of what is happening when our customers use our devices and to anticipate and respond their needs. In order to do this, we are researching and developing an “Among-Device AI” that allows for a seamless and shared experience across the myriad of Samsung devices.

Research Topics
AI Fundamentals

We develop fundamental AI methods and integrate various applied AI methods.

• We are exploring the frontier of machine learning and AI. One fundamental challenge we are interested in is integrating learning and perception with high-level knowledge to learn more effectively using fewer data and to reason more robustly, reflecting the user’s context and domain knowledge.

• We are interested in AI that helps users intuitively interact with Samsung’s devices. Such AI can better understand the user’s goal and autonomously execute a sequence of actions that will ease the user to cope with the complexity of modern devices. We also apply various AI technologies to digital humans by integrating speech recognition, language understanding, sensor, and environmental understanding.

• We investigate simulation technologies for AI and robots to rapidly test new technologies in an environment close to the real world.

Language and Voice AI

We develop technologies to allow devices to communicate with people on a human level by interpreting their intent while talking to them. In order to achieve this, we are working on key technologies such as speech recognition and synthesis, language understanding and conversation response, machine translation, and Q&A. These technologies operate efficiently across all devices, at the edge, and on the cloud. Additionally, we are conducting preemptive research for future devices such as lightweight speech and language engines as well as understanding large languages. As a result of this research, all devices around you should provide you with ease of living, which will improve your quality of life. Besides "understanding complex and diverse speech", we also aim to develop user-centered technologies that can "understand even if you say less."

Vision AI

With an increasing number of Samsung devices having cameras, such as smartphones, TVs, and even ovens, and it is time to take a leap from being smart devices to being AI devices, with the help of vision AI. To do so, we provide a holistic vision pipeline that can deliver vision AI services for Samsung devices from low-level camera and sensor processing to high-level visual recognition and visual reasoning. At the low-level side, we focus on neural processing for visual quality enhancement, and at the high-level side, visual understanding of various kinds of visual contexts like object status and people/pets activities, especially in the home environment. In addition, we provide vision AI services that puts multiple devices together in a collaborative way.

Samsung AI Vision

Shaping a New Era of Connected Living with AI. Samsung will create entirely new experiences and values just for you! User Centric, Always Safe, Always Helpful, Always Learning. with Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency. Artificial Intelligence.

As one of the world’s leading technology companies, Samsung Electronics devotes its human resources and technology to develop superior products and services while contributing to society.
One of our goals is to develop and connect AI services across our diverse product portfolio and to distribute such services equally and broadly, to benefit all of humanity.

In this respect, we are committed to developing user-based AI products and services based on our AI Visions of 'User Centric', 'Always There', 'Always Safe', 'Always Helpful', and 'Always Learning'.

AI technology has limitless potential to bring a whole new dimension of experience, but at the same time it may have negative social and ethical implications. For AI and all its applications to be implemented in a sustainable and ethical way, we have announced the principles of 'Fairness', 'Transparency' and 'Accountability‘ for AI ethics. These principles are established not only to comply with applicable laws, but also to fulfill our social and ethical responsibilities.

These principles for AI ethics will be incorporated into our internal guidelines and training to educate and guide our employees for ethical development and use of AI.

Principles for AI Ethics

  • 1. Fairness

    The company will strive to apply the values of equality and diversity in AI system throughout its entire lifecycle.
    The company will strive not to reinforce nor propagate negative or unfair bias.
    The company will strive to provide easy access to all users.

  • 2. Transparency

    Users will be aware that they are interacting with AI.
    AI will be explainable for users to understand its decision or recommendation to the extent technologically feasible.
    The process of collecting or utilizing personal data will be transparent.

  • 3. Accountability

    The company will strive to apply the principles of social and ethical responsibility to AI system
    AI system will be adequately protected and have security measures to prevent data breach and cyber attacks.
    The company will strive to benefit the society and promote the corporate citizenship though AI system.


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