Artificial Intelligence


In the future, AI technology will become increasingly integral to our daily lives, facilitating interactions with smart devices through spoken commands, visual gestures, and other cues to understand and assist us effectively.

These advancements will enhance the efficiency of our routines at home and work, emphasizing the importance of operating these technologies in a secure and safe manner.

Our Vision

At Samsung Research, our goal is to develop new AI that enriches the customer experience for the billions of users and devices under the Samsung brand. This entails creating AI that is not only aware of how our devices are used but can also anticipate and meet user needs proactively.

To achieve this, we are developing a generative AI model named Samsung Gauss. Inspired by Carl Friedrich Gauss, a legendary mathematician known for establishing the normal distribution theory crucial to machine learning and AI, Samsung Gauss symbolizes our vision to leverage global phenomena and knowledge. This approach aims to harness AI’s power to significantly improve consumer lives worldwide.

Samsung Gauss is designed to balance optimal model size with the best performance for specific Samsung product and service use cases, prioritizing efficiency over sheer performance metrics.

Looking ahead, Samsung Gauss will be integrated across a wide range of Samsung product applications, ushering in a new era of user experiences in the near future.

Research Topics
AI Fundamentals

We focus on developing core AI methodologies and incorporating a range of applied AI techniques. Our efforts include:

• Pioneering machine learning and AI by tackling fundamental challenges such as integrating learning and perception with high-level knowledge. This approach aims at learning more efficiently with less data and enhancing reasoning capabilities, taking into account the user’s context and domain knowledge.

• Crafting AI solutions that enable intuitive interaction between users and Samsung’s devices, facilitating a seamless experience amid the complexity of modern technology. Our work extends to creating digital humans through the integration of speech recognition, language comprehension, and environmental understanding technologies.

• Advancing simulation technologies for AI and robotics, enabling rapid testing of new technologies in lifelike environments.

Language AI

Our goal is to boost the intelligence of generative models via extensive research in large language and code models, as well as multimodal models. This research not only enhances our product competitiveness but also improves internal productivity. Our commitment extends to building reliable models and services through the application of technologies like reinforcement learning, Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), prompt engineering, and efficient model serving.

Voice and Sound AI

Our development of voice technology aims to achieve a human-like understanding of speech and sounds, facilitating natural conversations and expressions. We are also enhancing listening experiences through advanced analysis and understanding. Our core technologies include speech recognition, synthesis, processing, sound recognition, source separation, quality enhancement, and audio search. These technologies enable Samsung devices such as smartphones, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners to offer tailored intelligent services in various settings.

Vision AI

As more Samsung devices, including smartphones, TVs, and even ovens, come equipped with cameras, there is a significant opportunity to transition these from smart to AI-driven devices with the support of vision AI. We aim to provide a comprehensive vision pipeline that delivers AI services for Samsung devices, ranging from low-level camera sensor processing to high-level visual recognition and visual reasoning. Our focus includes neural processing for visual quality enhancement and understanding various visual contexts, such as object status and activities of people and pets, particularly in domestic environments. In addition, we are developing vision AI services that enable collaborative functionalities among multiple devices.

Samsung AI Vision

Samsung Gauss
Samsung Research’s Pioneering Generative AI Model

Shaping a New Era of Connected Living with AI. Samsung will create entirely new experiences and values just for you! User Centric, Always Safe, Always Helpful, Always Learning. with Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency. Artificial Intelligence.

Samsung Gauss encompasses three specialized models, each tailored to distinct functions: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image.

Samsung Gauss Language stands out as a generative language model that boosts work productivity. It simplifies tasks like email drafting, document summarization, and content translation, thereby enhancing overall efficiency. When integrated into Samsung products, it also enables more intelligent device control, significantly improving the user experience.

Samsung Gauss Code, together with its coding assistant Code.i derived from Samsung Gauss Code, is specifically tuned for streamlining Samsung’s software development process. This AI aids developers in coding more efficiently and effortlessly by providing functionalities such as code explanation and automatic test case generation through a user-friendly interactive interface.

Samsung Gauss Image, a creative generative image model, excels in generating and modifying images with ease. It offers capabilities for artistic style transformations and content additions, as well as upgrading low-resolution images to high-resolution, showcasing its versatility and creative potential.

Principles for AI Ethics

As AI technology unfolds its boundless potential, ushering in a new era of experiences, it simultaneously poses potential social and ethical challenges. To ensure the sustainable and ethical deployment of AI and its applications, we have established the principles of “Fairness,” “Transparency,” and “Accountability.” These guidelines are not just about legal compliance but are a testament to our commitment to social and ethical responsibilities.

To integrate these ethical principles into our corporate culture, they will be embedded into our internal guidelines and training programs. This initiative aims to educate and direct our employees toward the ethical development and use of AI.

  • 1. Fairness

    Our commitment extends to embedding the values of equality and diversity diversity across the AI system’s entire lifecycle, ensuring that our AI does not perpetuate or amplify negative or unfair biases.
    We will make AI accessible to all users, promoting inclusivity.

  • 2. Transparency

    Users will be clearly informed when they are interacting with AI., fostering an environment of trust.
    AI will be designed to be explainable, allowing users to comprehend the basis of its decisions or recommendations within the bounds of technological possibility.
    The processes involving the collection or use of personal data by AI will be conducted with utmost transparency.

  • 3. Accountability

    We pledge to imbue our AI systems with social and ethical responsibility, reflecting our corporate values.
    AI systems will be fortified with robust security measures to safeguard against data breaches and cyberattacks, ensuring user data protection.
    Through our AI systems, we aim to contribute to society and enhance our stature as responsible corporate citizens.


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