Next Generation Communications


Next Generation Communications

Since the world's first 5G pre-commercial service was demonstrated at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in Korea, communication technologies have been established with the likes of intelligence and information technologies as the basis of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 5G was designed not only to provide an improved experience for existing smartphone users and IoT devices, but also to meet the diverse requirements of mobile communications services in future applications targeted for vehicles and factory automation.

5G acts as a mobile communications platform on which extensions targeted for different vertical services can be optimized individually.
These characteristics are the reasons 5G is referred to as the connectivity platform of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. To this end, Samsung will emphasize tireless technological innovation and research toward next-generation communications as we work to prepare our ascent as the world’s premier telecommunications company through precedent research for greater 5G competitiveness, the Beyond 5G to overcome the initial 5G Pain Point, and 6G in preparation for the next decade.

With next-generation communications, we aim to contribute towards the rise of Samsung as the premier telecommunications company in the world through various researches in core telecommunications technologies, distinct technologies in products and services, and MEC-based new business solutions. We are also working to secure core technologies in AI, as its importance has continued to grow in the field of telecommunications, and use these for automation and intelligence in 5G devices.

Samsung Research is currently pursuing core technologies and developments in vRAN with the goal of greater competitiveness in the network business and 5G and is developing the MEC platform that can realize innovative services based on 5G ultra low latency.

We are also seeking to build greater competence in standardization to provide greater support toward the 5G business to complete the 5G Vertical services promptly.

Samsung Research will commit to resolve the initial pain points identified during the commercialization of 5G services and continue the efforts in technological development to acquire core technologies for the enhancement of services under the Beyond 5G project, thereby maintaining our means to strengthen our leadership in the 5G business. Finally, our precedent research in 6G will help us create the future drivers for our telecommunications business as core technologies that will bring about great changes across the industry border in the next decade.

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About 5G

The LTE technology used in many of our smartphones for voice/video calls or video streaming is 4G. In an era where 4G LTE is already an integral necessity in our lives, what is 5G? How will it change our lives? What can we expect from it?


6G Vision

Our vision for 6G is to bring the next hyper-connected experience to every corner of life.