Next Generation Communications


Communication technology provides the infrastructure needed to enable people and things (i.e., devices and places) to connect and interact with one another across physical and virtual spaces. It is the foundation of a smarter age in which AI and robots will become a standard part of our daily lives. Communication technology will continue to evolve fast to connect people with machines and things through a more and faster exchange of information.

Today, 5G technology is being applied to the core infrastructure of various industries and is used to support everything from high-quality communication services to smart factories, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and a raft of other new services. In addition, ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which can safely and accurately measure distances, is emerging as a next-generation connectivity technology that connects various devices and provides location-based services.

Communication technology, the foundation of the future society, is evolving to prepare for the future ahead of any other technologies. In response to the rapidly changing generational change of mobile communication technology every 10 years, significant countries around the globe have already launched 6G research and introduced it into fierce leadership competition.

Samsung Research will continue to focus on advanced communication research to strengthen 5G competitiveness, prepare core technologies for the 6G era in the 2030s, and lead global standards based on them.

Our Vision

Our vision is to combine the expertise in communication technology with Samsung Research’s SW and AI capabilities to strengthen 5G businesses and create new business opportunities in the 6G era by shaping the future of communication technology.

To strengthen 5G business competitiveness, we are researching advanced technologies that overcome technical limitations by combining SW capabilities and AI technologies. We are also developing location-based services through UWB technology development and standardization.

In addition, we will develop core technologies in preparation for the 6G era that will come in 10 years and lead the global standard based on them.

Research Topics
  • Samsung Research secures 5G-advanced core technologies to lead product innovation, new service development, and evolution of 5G radio and network technologies

  • We also research 6G technologies for the next decade, including cmWave eXtreme MIMO, advanced duplexing, native AI, communication-computing convergence, etc.

  • In addition, we develop and standardize UWB technology to create location-based service platforms.

White Papers

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About 5G

The LTE technology used in many of our smartphones for voice/video calls or video streaming is 4G.
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