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AI Center - Montreal

Established in Montreal, the second biggest city in Canada and home to one of the world’s fastest growing AI community, the AI Center is a part of the North America AI Centers in Silicon Valley and Toronto. 

The center conducts research in machine learning and language understanding enabled multi-modal interactions in tandem with the SRA Silicon Valley and Toronto AI Centers.
It also serves as an outpost for collaboration with top universities, academic centers, and start-ups within the Greater Montreal AI community, while tapping into the tremendous AI talent in the region.

Montreal AI Center



Gregory DudekLeader of Samsung AI Center - Montreal


2018 - Present
Vice President, AI Center-Montreal
2009 - Present
Board Member, Bellairs Research Institute
2008 - 2016
James McGill Chair of McGill University, School of Computer Science
2004 - 2007
Director of the McGill Center for Intelligent Machines
1991 - Present
Professor of McGill University, School of Computer Science

Research Field

Mobile Robotics, Machine Learning, Intelligent systems, Machine Vision, Web application services, Collaborative Filtering, Image processing



AI Center - Montreal