[CES 2022] Samsung Research´s New Tech Trio ① AI Avatar – Who is he/she?

Samsung Electronics’ CES 2022 booth is full of eye-catching innovations, but which products and technologies will viewers and visitors absolutely not want to miss? The answer is Samsung Research’s latest AI and robotics technology!

The theme for Samsung Research’s showcase at CES 2022 is “Digital, Meet Physical”. We show how the personalized experiences that millennials and zoomers value can be seamlessly connected to the digital world. Our CES 2022 booth demonstrates how AI and robots can come together to introduce innovative user experiences to the home of the future.

In the demonstration, we introduce Samsung Research’s latest new tech trio: an AI Avatar and two types of companion robots, the Samsung Bot i and the Samsung Bot Handy.

In this series, Samsung Research shares more details on our new technologies at CES 2022.

△ Samsung Research’s New Tech Trio –
(from left) the Samsung Bot Handy, an AI Avatar, and the Samsung Bot i

Samsung Research is conducting diverse AI research projects and AI Avatar is one of them.

The important feature of Samsung’s AI Avatar is that it can interact with real life through robots and IoT connectivity. It helps you get the most out of your day with practical use cases enabled by three key features: voice communication, friendly avatar, and life assistant.

AI Avatar is an always-available life assistant powered by the latest AI technology from Samsung Research that can replace what people need anytime, anywhere. It has on-device conversation recognition and IoT home control functions.

In addition, our AI Avatar can identify users’ locations in the real world using UWB (Ultra Wide Band) location recognition technology, and interact with them through the nearest smart home product to help out at a moment’s notice with daily tasks. When you need help, AI Avatar will show up on a nearby screen and you can naturally say what you want.

Although AI Avatar lives in a digital world, it can serve customers’ needs in a physical world. For example, it can order delivery foods and prepare the dining table by collaborating with robots. It can control home appliances and robots, remind you about your schedule, order things to be delivered to your home, and more, providing the user experience of interacting with them through our nearest smart home product.

The closer look about Samsung Research’s two companion robots can be found in the following episodes.

△ AI Avatar, an always-available life assistant powered by Samsung Research’s latest AI technology