Data Intelligence

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At Samsung Research, we aim to develop advanced data processing and analytics technologies using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our employees wear many hats; we are coders, mathematicians, scientists, researchers, consultants, and innovators. We push the boundaries of technology to enable 'data-driven' decisions and to accelerate innovations at Samsung Electronics.
Specifically, we are interested in advanced data curation methods to integrate heterogeneous data. As Samsung Electronics operates within a wide range of business portfolios, we handle data from many sources: mobile apps, mobile devices, consumer electronics, marketing, logistics, manufacturing, customer relation, ERP, and human resources.
To enhance Samsung’s consumer-facing services, such as Bixby and SamsungHealth, we are constructing “self-evolving” knowledge graphs by extracting semantic meaning from both structured and unstructured data. We investigate ways to merge existing knowledge graphs and ways to expand the graphs automatically, hence the term “self-evolving”. We believe that owning a flexible, adaptive, and robust knowledge base is a key component for seamless access to ever-growing data, rapid knowledge discovery, and swift data-driven decision making.
We also assist other data scientists at Samsung. We bring new ideas and technical expertise to solve some of Samsung’s most challenging problems: predictive maintenance, supply channel optimization, hedging strategies for fluctuating raw material costs, and anomaly detections.