Data Intelligence


Data is the primary driving force behind innovation and competitiveness in almost all commercial enterprises. Its importance only increases as the amount of generated and stored data grows exponentially. However, data does not create innovation by itself. Instead, highly skilled professionals, backed up by cutting-edge technologies, pull value from the data, which drives innovation.

At Samsung Electronics, we have a wide range of business portfolios that provide services to billions of users and devices: mobile apps, mobile and wearable devices, consumer electronics, marketing, logistics, manufacturing, customer relations, enterprise resource planning, and human resources. Together, data from these sources produce one of the most comprehensive data sets on the planet, and at Samsung Research, our mission is to use this data to bring value to Samsung’s customers and the world.

Our Vision

Samsung Research aims to develop advanced data intelligence technologies which leverage Samsung’s massive data into actionable insights and provide our users with the information they need to live their best lives. To do this, our employees must have a large breadth of technical and interpersonal skills—not only are we coders, mathematicians, scientists, researchers, consultants, and innovators, but we also care deeply about our friends, family, and the future. As such, we are highly motivated to push the boundaries of technology to enable “data-driven” decisions and accelerate innovation.

To realize our vision, we are actively building the world’s best AI development environment so our workers can quickly test their ideas and rapidly push the frontiers of AI. Leveraging this advanced platform, Samsung Research researchers are working on core technologies that can help extract insights from data and use those to help improve our projects, services, and the world.

Research Topics

At Samsung Research, we use numerous cutting-edge techniques to extract insight from various data sources, data types, and use cases. Here are just a few of them.

Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge graphs (KG) are important in information representation and decision making. As such, we have been developing component technologies and platforms for systematically building, maintaining, and effectively utilizing them. Our research topics include ML-based models for automated knowledge graph construction from different data sources, neural / logic-based reasoning engines, KG embedding (KGE) models and associated KGE-based downstream ML models, models for enabling KG-based semantic search with or without recently emerging large language models, and various optimization techniques to make all of these scalable and computationally efficient at both engine and platform level. Our technologies are helping to make our AI products (Bixby, SmartThings, future robot devices, etc.) more intelligent and proactive to better cope with each user’s context. Moreover, our ultimate vision is to build a unified Samsung graph to enhance our services, businesses, and management by seamlessly utilizing the data collected in the vast Samsung ecosystem.

Models and Algorithms for Advertisements and Health Care

We actively develop models and algorithms for optimizing ads and other market-based products. Research items include, but are not limited to, graph NNs (GNNs) for supporting scalable integrated data analysis of heterogeneous data sources, multi–task learning for efficiently training the task relationship in a multi–objective recommendation, domain adaptive/transferrable/interoperable modeling for rapidly increasing cold-start ads campaigns, and reinforcement learning for optimizing multiple business key performance indicators (KPIs) harmoniously.

In addition, we are conducting digital health-care data research, such as data imputation and anomaly detection technology to process time-series health sensor data, and developing recommendation/coaching systems to provide personalized well-being health-care services in exercise, diet, sleep, and mindfulness.

Data Cloud and Infrastructure

The Data Cloud team focuses on hardware (HW) infrastructure and software (SW) solutions for large-scale, complex data management, including high-quality data acquisition, massive data storage / repository management, and business analytics tools. We custom design the system for our researchers’ needs and secure the cost-effective infrastructure needed to acquire and manage the large-scale datasets utilized by our scientists. Our data cloud technologies provide a competitive advantage to our organization by providing our researchers with a fast and modern environment to extract value from Samsung’s vast data resources.

Our AI infrastructure research and deployment focuses on developing a world-class AI development environment with integrated physical HW and advanced SW systems that provide complete end-to-end ML operations ranging from data processing to AI model deployment. We are developing and deploying autonomous and scalable deep learning technologies based on the latest cloud technology. Ultimately, we seek to provide our AI platform and infrastructure to all Samsung AI developers and build an ecosystem enabling them to collaborate and share to leverage each other’s experiences to grow and be more productive.