Data Intelligence


The importance and value of data is growing nowadays and recognized as driving forces of innovation and competitiveness in diverse industrial fields. As data generation is explosively gaining speed, the amount of data is also rapidly augmenting. However, it is not the large amount of data itself that leads to innovation, but the technology that enables using the data meaningfully.

As Samsung Electronics operates within a wide range of business portfolios, there is a need to handle data from many sources: mobile apps, mobile and wearable devices, consumer electronics, marketing, logistics, manufacturing, customer relations, enterprise resource planning, and human resources.

Our Vision

Samsung Research aims to develop advanced data intelligence technologies, turning massive data into actionable insights and excellent user experiences, to provide more meaningful user values. Our employees wear many hats—we are coders, mathematicians, scientists, researchers, consultants, and innovators. We push the boundaries of technology to enable “data-driven” decisions and accelerate innovations.

Thus, Samsung Research is working on core technologies for advanced data analytics and for turning data into intelligent knowledge that will enable the ability to make inferences. In addition, we are building the world’s best AI development environment so that developers may expedite AI advancement.

Research Topics
Knowledge Graphs

We are doing research on graph technology. We build knowledge models that are collection of interlinked descriptions of concepts, entities, relationships and events. Knowledge graphs put data in context via linking and semantic metadata and this way provide a framework for data integration, unification, analytics and sharing. Also, we are researching automated KG construction pipeline and knowledge lifecycle management system, as well as application technologies such as recommendation and reasoning using the knowledge graph.

Models and Algorithms for audience targeting

We are actively developing models and algorithms for optimizing Ads and other market-based products. Research items include but not limited to graph neural network for supporting scalable integrated data analysis of heterogeneous data sources enabling better user targeting, graph MLs for inferring hidden relations of user/devices, domain adaptive /transferrable/interoperable modeling for rapidly increasing cold-start ads campaigns and reinforcement learning for optimizing multiple business KPIs in harmony.

Moreover, we are conducting wellness data research such as data imputation and stream reasoning technology to process time-series health sensor data, and developing recommendation system to provide personalized well-being care services in the fields of exercise, diet, sleep, or mindfulness.

Data-driven Decision Intelligence

Data-driven decision intelligence is a research topic that has recently emerged to innovate business processes, such as supply chain, logistics, marketing and service operation. To this end, we are focusing on advanced data representation and ML algorithm researches to predict future actions or situations and to make optimized decisions.

A top-class AI development environment needs an integrated and advanced system for data acquisition, processing, searching and sharing. Samsung Research is thus developing solutions for high-quality data acquisition, massive data discovery, storage and processing. Building on the latest cloud technology, we are researching technologies for autonomous and scalable deep learning. Ultimately, our goal is to spread our AI platform to all developers and build an ecosystem that will enable them to collaborate and share experiences that they can grow themselves.