[CES 2022] Samsung Introduces a Futuristic Lifestyle with Innovative Technology, Connecting the Customer Experience at CES 2022

CES 2022, the world’s largest electronics exhibition, will open from January 5 to 7 in Las Vegas, United States (local time). Samsung Electronics will showcase user-personalized solutions based on innovative technology such as AI, IoT, and 5G, and will also invite users to a futuristic lifestyle connecting the customer experience.

At the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), Samsung carved out the largest exhibition area among any other participating enterprises, with 3,596 square meters of space, and showed off a show window concept media wall, using two LED signage walls of 16 meters and 8 meters.

Using the latest filming technology and displays, Samsung will present its major products and services on a media wall as if multiple show windows were before the users’ eyes. It will also display colorful videos expressing the theme of the keynote speech held one day prior to the opening day: Together for Tomorrow.

□ Team Samsung Provides a Unique Customer Experience through Inter-Device Connection

Visitors who enter the Samsung booth past the massive facade will first come face-to-face with the Team Samsung zone.

Team Samsung is based on Samsung’s unique AI and IoT technology, with the concept that an array of devices from the television and electronics to mobile products are connected through SmartThings and present an organic experience like a single team, molded to the customer’s lifestyle.

This year at CES, Samsung will showcase ▲a 2022 model smart TV that conveniently realizes a smart home environment with the IoT Hub function, ▲SmartThings Cooking, which recommends an optimized recipe and connects to cooking devices based on an analysis of user preference and ingredients in their refrigerator, ▲SmartThings Energy, which draws up an energy savings plan by analyzing electric power usage for up to two months, and more.

□ A Customized Screen Experience with Micro LED, Neo QLED, and Lifestyle Screens

At CES 2022, Samsung will focus on its Micro LED, Neo QLED, and Lifestyle TV to give form to its vision of "Screens Everywhere, Screens for All" through ▲true-to-life screen quality, ▲immersive sound, and ▲a variety of screens and smart functions that respond to customer needs.

In particular, following up on the Micro LED 110 model which integrated the best display technology in existence, Samsung will unveil the 101 and 89 models for the first time this CES.

In addition to the highest screen quality, the 2022 model Micro LED increased user convenience and usability by offering ▲simple installation without additional work, ▲the Art Mode and Multiview functions to enhance the quality of magnificent large screen, and ▲a more powerful sound system.

The 2022 model NEO QLED enhanced all the core elements of a television, such as screen quality, sound, and smart functions, and provides a user experience optimized for in-home activities.

In particular, it features improvements to the Neo Quantum Processor, Samsung’s own picture quality engine, and adopted a number of technologies to maximize the three-dimensionality and realism of video.

It also adopted the newly retooled Smart Hub to provide a user experience optimized for in-home activities and features the world’s first NFT platform where NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can be purchased and comfortably enjoyed. The NFT platform received the CES Best of Innovation Award for its quick response to the latest trends.

Samsung will also unveil a great number of monitor products optimized for customer characteristics.

Leading products are: ▲Odyssey Neo G8, the world’s first 4K 240Hz gaming monitor, ▲Smart Monitor M8, which maximized user convenience with a dedicated video camera and IoT hub, and ▲High Resolution Monitor S8, whose matte display minimizes light reflection and other features are optimized for creators and designers.

Especially, the Odyssey Neo G8 is a 32 model gaming monitor that uses the quantum mini LED and won the CES Best of Innovation Award for its support of high scan rates at 240 Hz and response speed of 1 ms (GTG), the first for a 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160) monitor, and for a variety of functions optimized for gaming.

At this event, Samsung will also unveil new products with surprises based on novel concepts.

A unique product that becomes a personal screen in a space where a television cannot be installed, and a screen of a new form factor that targets the rapidly growing gaming market, will be featured at the CES keynote speech, which begins at 6:30 pm on the 4th (local time).

□ A Stronger Bespoke Home Lineup to Spur Advances into the Global Market

Samsung will feature a varied lineup to accelerate the overseas market expansion of the Bespoke Home, a customized electronics that reflect consumer lifestyles and tastes.

In particular, it will exhibit the Bespoke Kitchen Package focused on the U.S. market, featuring a more varied lineup of refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, and more.

The Bespoke Electronics lineup will be further expanded from the kitchen to the living room with displays of the Bespoke Washer/Dryer which has a host of AI-based convenience functions, and the Bespoke Jet which features a powerful suction force of 210W and an integrated clean station and charging dock.

The Bespoke Refrigerator, which is loaded with the Family Hub and has won the CES Innovation Award for seven years in a row since 2016, is also featured.

This new product has a stronger Food AI function, allowing the free viewing of Samsung TV Plus from the kitchen through the refrigerator screen. There are also stronger user convenience features, such as informing users about the replacement time of consumables, like refrigerator water purification filters and helping them repurchase these products by a simplified process through linkage with Amazon’s Alexa.
※ For U.S.-bound Family Hub refrigerators

Samsung will also unveil its Home Hub, a home controller in tablet form and a recipient of the CES Innovation Award. This product builds a more evolved smart home experience by monitoring devices connected via SmartThings and controlling them in accordance with user needs.

□ Evolution of User Experience through a Stronger Galaxy Ecosystem and Customized Designs

At CES 2022, Samsung is slated to unveil Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition) 5G for the first time.

This product comes with only the selected functions of Galaxy S21 most favored by Galaxy fans and features a sleek body in four colors: olive, lavender, white, and graphite.

In addition, a display space with the theme "Your Galaxy. Your Way." has been set aside where visitors can enjoy a unique experience of assembling their own Galaxy using the Galaxy Z Flip Bespoke Edition and One UI 4.

Furthermore, visitors can experience the connectivity and convenience of the Galaxy ecosystem at a glance through a varied display of Galaxy products such as the CES Best of Innovation Award-winning ▲Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition, Galaxy Book Pro and Book Pro 360, ▲Galaxy Tab S7+, ▲Galaxy Tab S7 FE, ▲Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 4 Classic, ▲Galaxy Buzz 2, and more.

□ Invitation to a Personalized "Future Home" with the AI Avatar and Samsung Bot

At CES 2022, Samsung will present an AI Avatar based on Samsung’s own AI technology and the new Samsung Bot, inviting users to the personalized and intelligent future home, where individual experiences are seamlessly connected across the digital and real worlds.


The home is embodied as a digital world like Metaverse, and Samsung’s AI Avatar identifies customer’s real-world location using UWB (Ultra-Wideband) location recognition technology to mutually connect the customer through nearby smart devices.

AI Avatar is a life assistant that fulfills what users need, anytime and anywhere. Its functions include on-device conversation recognition, UWB location detection, IoT home control, and more.

At this CES, Samsung will also display two types of Life Companion robots—an interaction robot, the Samsung Bot i and a household assistant robot, the Samsung Bot Handy. They will be on display to play out scenarios, such as preparing users’ virtual meetings or setting table for dinner.

The Samsung Bot i will be unveiled for the first time at this event, embodying features like accompanying users side by side for assistance and the Telepresence function, which allows them to control the robot from a remote location.

□ Invitation to a Safe and Enjoyable Driving Experience Using AR and Other Cutting-Edge Technology

At CES 2022, Samsung presents a scenario for a safe and enjoyable in-vehicle driving experience that fuses Samsung’s IT and home electronics technology with Harman’s electronics device technology, to be experienced by drivers and riders in the near future.

For instance, the future car can supply vital information such as driving information, navigation, road states, and dangers without disturbing the driver, using AR (Augmented Reality).

In addition, users can experience personalized services with in-vehicle cameras connected to Samsung Health service on the Galaxy Phone and Galaxy Watch. The vehicle environment such as lighting and air conditioning can be changed in keeping with the driver’s condition (e.g., stress, drowsiness, or distraction). The system also plays videos of environments, like forests or oceans, to help the driver concentrate on driving at peak condition.

Meanwhile, separately from the Las Vegas Convention Center, Samsung will open a separate C-Lab exhibition hall at Eureka Park, a startup exhibition center.

The C-Lab exhibition hall will display together four outstanding projects from C-Lab Inside, the in-house venture program for employees, and nine startups incubated through the C-Lab Outside program for outside startups. Through these, Samsung will showcase technology that reflects current trends, including AI, health care, and the Metaverse.

△ At the Samsung exhibition hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, where CES 2022 is held, Samsung
models are introducing a household assistant robot the ‘Samsung Bot Handy’, an ‘AI Avatar’, and
an interaction robot the ‘Samsung Bot i’ (from left).

△ Samsung models are introducing an interaction robot the ‘Samsung Bot i’.

△ Samsung models are introducing a show window concept media wall,
using two LED signage walls of 16 meters and 8 meters.

△ Samsung models are introducing the Micro LED 101, 110, and 89 models
which Samsung is unveiling for the first time this CES.

△ A Samsung model is introducing an experience space with the theme "Your Galaxy. Your Way,” where
visitors can assemble their own Galaxy

△ Samsung models are introducing safe and enjoyable driving experience
using AR and other cutting-edge technology

△ Samsung models are introducing the ‘Team Samsung’ zone, which provides an organic experience by
connecting various devices with SmartThings according to customers’ lifestyles

△ A panoramic view of the Las Vegas Convention Center, where CES 2022,
the world’s largest electronic exhibition, will be held from January 5 to 7,