Tizen 1

Tizen is an open-source, standards-based software platform that supports multiple device categories including smart TVs, wearable devices, and various home appliances.

Samsung Research works on optimizing Tizen for IoT environments with the aim of facilitating the development and maintenance of various intelligent devices, as well as IoT applications and services. Tizen is a continually improving Linux-based device platform architecture with core modules specifically designed for Tizen IoT. We design and develop intelligent services and frameworks/APIs coupled with the cloud. In addition, we establish web solutions by enhancing the latest web technology and web engine optimization.

Tizen 2

We are devoted to enhancing Tizen’s ecosystem by providing convenient development tools and operational environments. We have included the Microsoft .NET Core to enable the community of application developers to develop their applications using C#, in addition to the traditional Web App (HTML/JS/CSS) and Native App (C Language). Furthermore, cross-platform application development is supported through the Xamarin environment.

With the emergence of IoT devices based on new form factors, we also work to develop technologies that are not only compatible with existing services, such as voice services, but can also reliably and flexibly respond to the enhanced demands of such emerging platforms. Tizen must also be prepared to support a device with AI-based intelligent services to keep up with recent innovations.

Tizen 3

With such goals in mind, Samsung Research will focus on developing Tizen RT, which is a lightweight platform based on the Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) technology, to extend the device coverage of Tizen to new intelligent devices. In particular, Tizen RT is guided by our efforts to strengthen its security and reliability through an innovative interface that offers authentication, key management, and secure storage functions, supplemented by our concurrent efforts to develop memory partition technologies between OS and system memory, and localization of errors and malfunctions.

Tizen 4

In addition, Samsung Research works on developing Tizen as an advanced platform that enables on-device AI and AI services. A part of this effort is our current project to integrate major AI function engines to provide an internal platform for on-device AI technologies that can flexibly respond to a variety of scenarios.