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Samsung AI Center - Toronto

The broad mission of the Samsung AI Center in Toronto is to develop
cutting-edge AI technologies for Samsung products and services, as well as enable new businesses.

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Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore

The specific purpose of Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore is twofold:
to create USPs for global flagship devices with by creating significant advancements
in Modem, Multimedia, AI, Internet of Things,
and to make for India by catering to the specific needs of Indian consumers.

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Samsung R&D Institute Philippines

Samsung R&D Institute Philippines is actively engaged in
the development of various solutions related to Cloud, Web, and Data Intelligence
as part of its capability strengthening efforts.

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SR Translate
US/EU Service Launch

Three Reasons to Try SR Translate
1) Back translation makes it convenient for editing.
2) Saving edits on the web expedites your work.
3) Highlighted texts help you compare the edits.

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Research News

Samsung Electronics Showcases Award-Winning Machine Translation at WMT
Samsung Electronics Showcases Award-Winning Machine Translation at WMT
At the Workshop on Machine Translation (WMT), one of the biggest events for machine translation research, Samsung Electronics joined the ranks of researchers from all over the world to discuss new and innovative ways to understand the human language using machines and computer programs.

On January 30, 2023

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Codeground is a real-time online coding website of Samsung opened to all developers
who are interested in software algorithm programming.