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Samsung Security Tech Forum 2021

8/17(Tue) 10:00 ~ 14:30, KST
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SSTF 2021

Hacker’s Playground

8/16(Mon) 15:00 ~ 8/17(Tue) 15:00, KST
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Samsung Electronics have created Codeground for developers who enjoy computer programming.
Codeground is a real-time online coding website opened to all developers
who are interested in software algorithm programming.


Research News

Samsung Electronics Adopts International Open Source Standard
Samsung Electronics Adopts International Open Source Standard
Samsung Electronics today announced the adoption of OpenChain ISO (International Organization for Standardization) / IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 5230:2020, the first international standard for open source compliance.

Research Insights


  • Leveraging the Availability of Two Cameras for Illuminant Estimation​
    White balance is an essential step in the camera imaging process; it ensures that the colors of the captured images are correct; see Figure 1 for an example. White balance involves estimating the scene illumination, which is then used to correct the image colors. Recent state-of-the-art methods rely on a single input image to estimate the scene illumination and typically involve training models with large numbers of parameters on large datasets.
    On July 13, 2021
    Abdelrahman Abdelhamed with 2 authors
  • Fixing overestimation bias in continuous reinforcement learning
    In the last few years, reinforcement learning (RL) has shown excellent results that not so long ago seemed very difficult or even impossible to achieve
    On July 1, 2021
    Arsenii Kuznetsov Alexander Grishin
  • Looking back at 5G to build future 6G in ITU-R
    What is the most critical element when you construct a building? Both land and a structural drawing would be the most important. If we are comparing mobile communications to buildings, spectrum is the land, and technical standards are the structural drawings.
    On June 22, 2021
    HyoungJin Choi Yiran Jin

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