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Samsung Electronics have created Codeground for developers who enjoy computer programming.
Codeground is a real-time online coding website opened to all developers
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Research News

SRC-B Won the 1st Place in CVPR-NAS 2021 Competition
SRC-B Won the 1st Place in CVPR-NAS 2021 Competition
The competition hosted by the 2021 Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition – Neural Architecture Search (CVPR21-NAS) has a wide influence in the world. As one of the research hotspots of artificial intelligence (AI), NAS technology has been widely concerned in recent years.

Research Insights


  • Looking back at 5G to build future 6G in ITU-R
    What is the most critical element when you construct a building? Both land and a structural drawing would be the most important. If we are comparing mobile communications to buildings, spectrum is the land, and technical standards are the structural drawings.
    On June 22, 2021
    HyoungJin Choi Yiran Jin
  • Learning to Align Temporal Sequences
    Temporal sequences (e.g., videos) are an appealing data source as they provide a rich source of information and additional constraints to leverage in learning. By far the main focus on temporal sequence analysis in computer vision has been on learning representations (i.e., compact abstractions of the input data) targeting high-level distinctions between signals (e.g., action classification, “What action is present in the video?”).
    On June 21, 2021
    Isma Hadji with 2 authors
  • Open Source Kubernetes for the next level of network virtualization
    We as Samsung Research have recently presented a research achievement as a global team work with Samsung R&D Institute Poland and Samsung Research America for improving the Kubernetes open source project into the next level of competency in IEEE INFOCOM 2021.
    On May 27, 2021
    Daniel Park with 4 authors

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