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We are looking for talented researchers who will lead the future with us. We have 14 R&D centers spread across 12 countries, including main campus (Seoul R&D center) located in Seoul, South Korea

Samsung Research Seoul, Republic of Korea
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Jobs at Samsung Research

What we do

Working at Samsung Research is more than just a job.
Find out how our researchers enjoy their work and are passionate about making a positive impact in the world.

  • AI: Language Understanding

    Lee Ho-jung

  • AI: Speech Recognition

    Lee Jae-won

  • AI: Visual Perception

    Kim Kyung-su

  • AI: On-Device AI Software

    Ham Myung-joo

  • Data Analytics

    Oh Ki-min

  • Data Cloud Computing

    Song Jin-woo

  • 5G Research & Standardization

    Kim Dae-gyun

  • 5G Service

    Kim So-young

  • Robot Design for Hardware

    Lee Min-hee

  • Robot Software

    Min Hyeong-sik

  • AR

    Jeong Jae-yun

  • Tizen

    Yoon Jin

  • Next Generation Media: Video Compression

    Jeon Sun-young

  • Next Generation Security

    Hwang Jin-ha

  • Software Engineering

    Chang Gi-hoon

On-site Amenities & Facilities

It is the Healthcare Center. On the right are medical machines.

Healthcare Center

A medical complex provides a family medicine clinic, a dental clinic, a physical therapy, a musculoskeletal center, a mental health clinic and a life coaching center, among others services.

It is a photo of food and the cafeteria.


Every day, two in-house restaurants serve free meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. They offer a variety of menu selections a day from across the world, including Korean, Chinese, Indian, Western and takeaway snacks.

It is the in-house library.


For employees’ research activities and self-improvement, a variety of books, papers magazines, and DVDs are available.

It is the scenery outside the company daycare center.

Childcare Center

An on-site daycare center with leading child care facilities is available for employees.

It is a photo of the sleeping room. There are bunk beds.

Refresh Room

Nap rooms and nursing rooms are available for employees to relax and rest.

It is the fitness center inside the company. There are many treadmills.

Fitness Center

A gym with a variety of sporting equipment is available. It also runs GX programs such as spinning and squash.

It is the auditorium with 'Samsung Research' shown on the screen.


Auditoriums are equipped for internal and external events or concerts.

It is the parking lot. Staff vehicles are parked.

Other Facilities

Various facilities and stores such as parking lots, shuttle buses are available for the convenience of employees.