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Samsung Research is devoted to build a better future by making the most innovative research environment in the world where researchers freely share their expertise and knowledge. Our ideas and research achievements will be delivered to people’s lives as a new product and solution creating a future life style in ways never imagined before. If you share our belief in the power of technology to change the world, this is the place for you. Many opportunities are available for you within research teams worldwide.

Culture & Right People Culture & Right People

What we do

Working at Samsung Research is more than just a job.
Find out how our researchers enjoy their work and are passionate about making a positive impact in the world.

On-site Amenities & Facilities


Healthcare Center

A medical complex provides a family medicine clinic, a dental clinic, a physical therapy, a musculoskeletal center, a mental health clinic and a life coaching center, among others services.



Every day, two in-house restaurants serve free meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. They offer a variety of menu selections a day from across the world, including Korean, Chinese, Indian, Western and takeaway snacks.



For employees’ research activities and self-improvement, a variety of books, papers magazines, and DVDs are available.


Childcare Center

An on-site daycare center with leading child care facilities is available for employees.


Refresh Room

Nap rooms and nursing rooms are available for employees to relax and rest.


Fitness Center

A gym with a variety of sporting equipment is available. It also runs GX programs such as spinning and squash.



Auditoriums are equipped for internal and external events or concerts.

other facilities

Other Facilities

Various facilities and stores such as parking lots, shuttle buses are available for the convenience of employees.