Next Generation Digital Appliances


The current home appliance market is expected to see the emergence of new concept products or innovative changes compared to existing products in line with trend changes such as consumer lifestyle's changes and stricter global environmental regulations.

As the number of single-person households and the time spent at home increase, there will be a growing demand for more convenient and smarter home appliances. This may lead to the emergence of new services based on a new hardware platform.

In addition, to protect the future environment sustainable home appliance technologies that achieve energy consumption efficiency, resource recycling, and waste minimization will be developed.

Our Vision

“Making our lives more convenient, more efficient, and more sustainable.”

In this respect, we aim to develop new next-generation home appliances/services that are smarter, more convenient and more eco-friendly by preemptively reflecting customers’ needs in home environment. Our vision is to discover new concept products/services, strengthen the future competitiveness of home appliances, and provide sustainable solutions for digital home appliance innovation. To realize this vision, we are developing from key core technologies for home appliances, and technologies to overcome form-factor limitations to very new and novel technologies never seen before.

Research Topics

First, Samsung Research is developing innovative solutions that can adapt to global energy regulations and meet the needs of the future. We are committed to finding new and innovative ways to overcome the challenges of the changing energy regulatory landscape.

Second, we are working to find innovative solutions that can maximize energy efficiency and increase the capacity of home appliances. We are developing new technologies and exploring novel form factors to achieve this goal.

Third, we are focusing on a novel driving mechanism technology for various home appliances to comply with global environmental policies. such as new technologies on drying method & speed and water treatment technologies, and so on.