Samsung AI Center - Cambridge

Samsung is the global leader in consumer electronics and the core components that go into them. It produces products found in every room of the home, from televisions, washing machines, ovens and microwaves to televisions, vacuum cleaners and of course, smartphones. Samsung is now on a mission to embedded AI within all of these devices, while also seeking to invent the next generation of consumer products that AI can enable.
To accomplish this goal in 2018, Samsung established seven new AI centers around the world, selecting Cambridge to be the home of one of these elite new institutions.

Now in its fourth year of operation, the Cambridge AI Center performs world-class blue-sky AI research with an open and collaborative approach to science. The center publishes its results in top scientific venues and releases open source code and datasets to facilitate engagement with the wider academic community. In service of our larger mission to Samsung consumers, the Cambridge AI Center has also been successful in transferring some of the technology developed in-house into the hands of users. Through collaborations with other parts of the company, techniques and AI models developed in the center are now used by millions of consumers world-wide on Samsung platforms, such as the Galaxy smartphone.

Current scientific interests of the Cambridge AI Center are diverse and include the following research areas: video understanding, AutoML, action recognition, neuro-symbolic models, meta-learning, domain adaptation, on-device AI, unsupervised and self-supervised learning, efficient reasoning, speech recognition and audio modelling, and federated learning.

  • Grand Opening Celebrations for SAIC-Cambridge
    on May 22, 2018
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