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The rapidly changing IT environment has developed a variety of devices and services and led to an explosive increase in personal data. In other words, the scope and amount of personal data to be protected have also been expanded. Data breach because of security incidents leads to the invasion of user privacy, and their impact is growing. As a result, there is a growing demand to strengthen security and protect privacy, and various regulations to protect users’ personal data are also increasing.

Therefore, it is crucial to protect various devices/services and users’ data by providing strong security technology and complying with various privacy regulations.

Our Vision

Samsung Research recognizes the importance of security in dealing with the challenges mentioned above. We play an important role in delivering innovative security solutions to enhance the security level of Samsung products as well as in developing and deploying privacy protection solutions so that users can have a safe and reliable life experience with Samsung products. In addition, with the emergence of new technologies or services such as Generative AI, users can be exposed to a variety of new threats. We have to identify and mitigate such threats so that users can enjoy them safely.

To achieve these goals and enhance the security and privacy of Samsung products and services, Samsung Research is building a new security platform, which connects Samsung devices and mutually protects each other, and are developing privacy technologies to provide users with a differentiated safe experience. Furthermore, we are proactively researching next-generation security and privacy technologies necessary for the future service environments such as Generative AI.

Research Topics
  • We are focusing on new threats and opportunities emerging with Generative AI. In order to provide secure AI usage for our customers, we are establishing new risk criteria for Generative AI and developing technology to verify the security & safety of such AI. We are also developing AI based security solutions that leverage code generation AI to better identify and fix security vulnerabilities in software.

  • We are building the next-generation security platform for future and emerging service environments. In particular, we are developing a new security platform for multi-device environment that ensure the safety by mutually monitoring between connected devices and the next-generation HW-based system (RISC-V, ARM CCA, etc.) security technologies to provide a secure execution environment.

  • Finally, we are always considering how to guarantee data sovereignty, privacy and safety through the development of solutions that manage users’ data and eliminate harmful factors in daily life. Samsung Research is actively developing data sovereignty technologies that checks where my data is being shared and tracks the provenance of my data. We are also developing to protect personal information on our devices from being exploited by cybercriminals, and conducting research into technologies that could potentially help users who are actively being victimized by harmful factors in daily life.

Research Result

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