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Samsung Research is the advanced research and development (R&D) hub of Samsung Electronics’ *SET (End-products) Business which includes Consumer Electronics (CE) Division and IT & Mobile Communications (IM) Division. The hub leads the development of the future technologies with more than 10,000 researchers and developers working in overseas R&D centers.

Under the vision of “Shape the Future with Innovation and 1ntelligence” Samsung Research is actively conducting research and development (R&D) to identify new future growth areas and secure advanced technologies for its products to create new value and improve people’s lives.

The core research themes at Samsung Research include artificial intelligence (AI), data intelligence, robot, next-generation communications & visual technology, Tizen, and security. In particular, it is expanding its research scope to new promising fields to realize a new lifestyle based on AI technologies.

The hub is working in collaboration with 14 overseas R&D centers in 12 countries worldwide and 7 global AI centers to secure innovative technologies faster than anyone else and enhance its global R&D capacity. It is equally maximizing technological cooperation through active open innovation with distinguished universities, research institutes, and partner companies globally that have the world’s best technologies.

In addition, Samsung Research leads the R&D system innovation of Samsung Electronics’ various business fields, including TV, home appliance, and mobile, to enhance the synergistic effects of global R&D, standardize technologies, secure patents, and engage in open source activities, among others, with the aim of strengthening Samsung Electronics’ global technological leadership position.

Samsung Research promises to continue working hard to become a global top research institute that creates new values for the future through ceaseless innovation and intelligence.

* SET(End-products) Business : Product-driven business including consumer electronics, IT & mobile communications etc.

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Main Achievements

Over the years, Samsung Research has been the cradle of technologies. Among the technologies it pioneered are: 4G LTE, 5G, Tizen, HEVC(High Efficiency Video Coding), LED Display technology, etc.

At present, relevant business units in the SET(End-products) business are preparing for the commercialization of these technologies. Samsung Research continues to concentrate on the development of future-oriented advanced technology and contribute further in finding new growth engines and creating new markets.


4G LTE is the prevailing mobile technology having more than 3 billion subscribers around the world. The latest LTE smart phones can provide high-speed data up to 1.2 Gbps enabling quick download and smooth live streaming. Samsung released the world-first LTE device in 2009 and has been leading the continuous evolution of LTE technologies to LTE-Advanced and LTE-Advanced Pro.


5G is the next-generation mobile technology aiming to expand the use cases of mobile systems beyond broadband data services. Thanks to its ultrahigh performance such as peak data rate higher than 20 Gbps, latency as low as 1 ms, and reliability better than 99.999%, 5G is expected to enable new services, e.g., VR contents delivery, vehicular communications, and industrial IoT. Samsung was the pioneer to explore mmWave bands for 5G and has been leading the development of 5G core technologies such as massive MIMO, beamforming, and LDPC channel coding.
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TIZEN is an open and flexible software platform that supports smart devices, as well as low-end devices. Since the first version released in 2012, it has expanded its product line into TVs, smart watches and consumer electronics including refrigerators, robot vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc.
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LED Display Technology

LED Display Technology is a screen display technology that uses LEDs as the light source. With outstanding brightness and contrast, it enables object display without color distortion even in bright surroundings. ※ The technology is applied to Samsung Cinema screens.

HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding)

HEVC is a high-efficiency video compression technology that offers more than twice the data compression efficiency compared to the previous H.264. It enables the realization of ultra-definition videos such as 4K and 8K.

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