Researcher at Samsung Research wins the 2020 IEEE Communications Society Fred W. Ellersick Prize.

Dr. Byungju Lee at Samsung Research's Advanced Communications Research Center has been recently awarded with the 2020 IEEE Communications Society Fred W. Ellersick Prize.

The IEEE Fred W. Ellersick Prize is awarded annually by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Communications Society (IEEE ComSoc) for a best original paper published in any Communications Society Magazine in the previous three calendar years.

The paper theoretically clarified that non-orthogonal multiple access increases system connectivity and improves frequency efficiency even in multi-cell environment.

Speaking about receiving IEEE Fred W. Ellersick Prize, Dr. Lee said “I am really honored to have received this award. I feel very fortunate to work with many self-motivated and talented engineers at Samsung. They help expand my horizons and foster my growth as a researcher. I will continue to devote myself to Samsung’s technological innovation in telecommunications.”

This prestigious annual award has been presented to Dr. Lee and his co-authors, Prof. Wonjae Shin (the first author) at Pusan University, Prof. Mojtaba Vaezi at Villanova University, Prof. David J. Love at Purdue University, Prof. Jungwoo Lee at Seoul National University, and Prof. H. Vincent Poor at Princeton University.