Samsung Researcher Elected as the Vice Chair of 3GPP SA6 Working Group

Samsung Research today announced that Basavaraj Pattan, a researcher at Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore (SRI-B), has been elected as the Vice Chair of 3GPP SA6 Working Group during the election that concluded on June 24, 2022.

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), is a global specification body responsible for developing mobile broadband standards, which recently completed the definition of 5G standard that is witnessing increasing world-wide deployments. 5G-Advanced (Rel-18) is under development which will further enhance the capabilities of 5G before 3GPP transitions into the development of next-generation 6G standard.

Basavaraj Pattan                                                                    3GPP Excellence Award (2018)

3GPP SA WG6 is the Application Enablement and Critical Communication Applications group with 3GPP, which is responsible for developing application layer architecture specifications for 3GPP verticals, with emphasis on Service Frameworks, Enablers for Vertical and Mobile Edge Applications, and Critical Communication Applications.

Mr. Pattan brings more than 17 years of rich experience in Application and Service enabler architectures, protocols, systems and protocols. He served as Rapporteur for several key topics including Common API Framework (CAPIF), Service Enabler Architecture Layer (SEAL), and Architecture for Enabling Edge Applications (EDGEAPP). In recognition of his outstanding contributions to SA6, he has been conferred with the "3GPP Excellence Award" in 2018.

Activities of 3GPP SA6 WG

"Election of Basavaraj Pattan to 3GPP SA6 Vice-Chair, is a testament to his credibility and strong contributions from Samsung, further adding to our continued leadership within SA6 WG for the past several years" said Suresh Chitturi, Senior Director, Standards Research Group at Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore. He further added that "initiatives of SA6 are essential for the integration of vertical industry applications with the 3GPP system that opens up new opportunities for all stakeholders within the 3GPP ecosystem and enabling rapid deployment of applications and services over 5G and beyond."

Following this election, Samsung Electronics reinforces its strong leadership role within 3GPP, with a total of seven official positions in 3GPP, the largest within the 3GPP community. The company is committed to 3GPP and will continue its contribution to the wireless industry with its leadership in wireless technical standards and by driving the next stage of innovations for 5G-Advanced and upcoming 6G standards.