Samsung Electronics Announces a New 6G Research Group in the UK

The new group will focus on developing a range of new 6G technologies
for deployment around 2030

Samsung Electronics announced today that a new research group, focussing on developing technologies for 6G networks and devices, will be established in the UK. This new group marks a significant increase in investment in UK telecoms research talent by Samsung, and will be part of Samsung’s global 6G development project, spanning multiple overseas research centres.

At the very first “Samsung 6G Forum” held in May 2022, Samsung shared its vision to deliver ‘The Next Hyper-Connected Experience for All.’ with the future mobile communications. The video from the 6G Forum and recent research are available online via Samsung’s YouTube channel. This vision is now being realised by research teams across the globe, with the UK being identified as one of the key countries with a long history of innovation in the mobile phone community.

“We envision that 6G will provide ultimate experiences for humans and everything through the next level of hyper-connectivity, and this idea serves as the foundation of our 6G vision,” said Sebastian Seung, President and Head of Samsung Research. “We believe that it is the right time to start preparing for 6G. Shaping 6G will require many years, as we have seen with previous generations, and will need lots of discussion and collaborations among players in industry and academia.”

The new research project will be based at the Samsung R&D Institute UK based in Staines-upon-Thames - Samsung Research UK. SRUK was established in 1996 as the first European R&D centre outside of Korea. It is at the forefront of technology with new areas of focus in Communication Networks, Data Intelligence and On-device AI, along with our already long established expertise in our specialist areas of Visual Development, Security, IoT and Telecoms. The new funding will create multiple roles in Samsung Research UK, for which applications are already open.

“The UK has a long heritage in developing core technologies for mobile communications, from 1G (TACS) to 5G, with a strong academic base drawing on direct industry, EPSRC and DCMS funding.” said Prof. Howard Benn, VP Communications Research, SRUK. “Our new 6G group will build on the strong Samsung UK team, already the UK’s leading contributor to 3GPP standards, developing 5G and 5G-Advanced standards.”

“The preparation for 6G will be a long and sweaty journey. Considering the long history of collaboration in other areas including 5G standardization, I am very happy to have SRUK as a member of Samsung's 6G R&D. We will work together to deliver the next hyper-connected experience to every corner of our customers’ lives in the 6G era.” said EVP Sunghyun Choi, Head of Advanced Communications Research Center, Samsung Research.

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