Researcher at Samsung Research Wins Minister of Science and ICT Award

Last December, Researcher Taekhoon Kim from Samsung Research’s Advanced Communications Research Center was awarded by the Minister of Science and ICT for the achievements of the 5G standard activities at the 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project) RAN WG4 (RAN4).

3GPP is a consortium of seven regional telecommunication standards organizations established in 1998 to develop a unified global standard for mobile telecommunications, and RAN4 is in charge of the radio performance requirements that directly affect 5G base stations, smartphones, and other mobile communication products. Furthermore, it is the only working group in 3GPP that defines radio frequency bands for the 3GPP technology and test requirements for each frequency band. These requirements inform the radio regulations, which are key in the deployment of a 5G spectrum.

Mr. Kim is an expert in the 3GPP RAN4 group and has extended efforts to specifying the global standard based not only on Samsung’s 5G products but also on Korea’s 5G policy. In particular, as Rapporteur of the 28 GHz technical report in 3GPP (3GPP TR 38.815), he contributed to defining 28 GHz as the first millimeter waves band of 3GPP. In June 2021, he had successfully defined a frequency band for Local 5G in the 3GPP specification in keeping with Korean spectrum policy of the Ministry of Science and ICT.

“3GPP RAN4 is a crucial group for developing 5G products and national policy” Kim said. “In the future, we will continue to closely cooperate with business units and governments to reflect the results in the standards to expand our 5G market.”