A Samsung Research Researcher Receives 5G Forum Achievement Award

Researcher HyoungJin Choi of the Advanced Communications Research Center at Samsung Research, received an achievement award from the 5G Forum, a leading organization for mobile telecommunication standardization in Korea.

Researcher Choi was recognized for his activities and contributions in the 5G/6G mobile communication spectrum standardization field at the “5G Forum General Assembly and 10th Anniversary Ceremony,” held at THE PLAZA Seoul on May 30.

Since the 5G Forum’s establishment in 2013, Choi has contributed to the development of the next-generation mobile communication field by leading the domestic research and global standardization of 5G/6G spectrum aspects while serving as vice chairman of the Spectrum Committee.

Researcher Choi said, "It is an honor to receive such a big award with the 10th anniversary of the 5G Forum. Spectrum standardization for mobile communication seems to be significant because it can contribute greatly to the realization of the forum's vision of "commercialization of 5G and promotion of 5G convergence services. I would like to express my gratitude to my colleagues and continue to make efforts to standardize global spectrum for commercialization of 6G."

On May 8, 2022, Samsung Electronics published the world’s first “6G Spectrum White Paper,” presenting the need for 6G global spectrum research, and has been actively conducting global discussions to date.

At the World Radiocommunication Conference 2023 (WRC-23) scheduled for November and December of this year, discussions on candidate frequency bands essential for 6G commercialization around 2030 are also expected to proceed, and Samsung Electronics plans to continue its global leadership through active participation.

Previously, Samsung Electronics foresaw the generational shift in communications technology, which is rapidly changing every 10 years in the industry, and released the “6G White Paper” on July 14, 2020, introducing “the next hyper-connected experience.” Based on this vision, we focus on research to delve into 6G future technology.