Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore

Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore (SRI-B) is the largest R&D Center outside of South Korea and a key innovation hub in the Samsung group. 
With the best of talent from India and overseas, our focus is on creating cutting edge technologies across multiple areas of Samsung’s business, that transform experiences of users both globally, as well as in local markets. 

The specific purpose of SRI-B in the Samsung family is twofold: to create USPs for global flagship devices with by creating significant advancements in Modem, Multimedia, AI, Internet of Things, and to make for India by catering to the specific needs of Indian consumers. 
At SRI-B, employees not only have an opportunity to work on areas involving pure research but also carry it forward as proof of concept towards Advanced Development, by seeing the research being implemented.


Samsung Open Source Conference

We are in an era of fast-paced technological disruptions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now part of every product that we have in our life. Words like Neural Network or Model or Training were just trying to settle in human brains but 2022 was a game changer when Generative AI took the front seat in every boardroom and project discussions. With things getting smarter and billions of bytes of data moving from one place to other, privacy is becoming more and more important. We now have everything in digital form and those days are gone when one has to carry physical wallet.

Block your calendar on 20 July at 9 am (IST) to listen and learn from esteemed speakers around the world sharing the past, present, and future of Open Source Software powering Generative AI, IoT, Wallet, and Blockchain technology.

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