Making a real difference in the society with SRI-B

SRI-B’s social responsibility resonates with Sukhmeet Singh’s way of life

“You have been blessed much, so you must give much”. This was a value that Sukhmeet Singh, a senior engineer at SRI-B, lived by even as a child. Having been brought up to pass on the blessings he had received to the less fortunate, he had a habit of giving and actively volunteered in social service initiatives that helped the underprivileged in the society. But when he moved to Bangalore, managing work and taking part in such causes proved to be difficult. Opportunities were rare, and he did not know how to go about such work. That’s when SRI-B’s SEVA (Samsung Employee Volunteering Association) came into the picture.

A man is delivering a book from a student.

At SRI-B, contributing to the betterment of the society and the environment is synonymous with our core value of Co-Prosperity. As an extension of this culture, the SEVA club, comprising socially conscious team members, takes up various initiatives to shape the future through social contribution and creating a better tomorrow. Being an active member of SEVA gave Sukhmeet the chance to spread love and joy again. Through different initiatives addressing the varied needs of the society such as tree plantation drives, blood donation drives, fundraising for the blind to name among a few, he was once again enabled to do something that was always close to his heart even at his workplace. In fact, he was a part of SRI-B’s largest notebook donation drive that was carried out early in 2019, where a team of volunteers distributed over 5,50,000 notebooks and other essentials to schools in various districts in Karnataka. He was also involved in SEVA’s contribution towards building an additional block in a local school, thus improving the overall educational environment for the students.

Samsung has placed great importance on acting as a responsible corporate citizen in the communities where it operates. We believe that Samsung can be a true global citizen when we use the talent of our people, our advanced technology and our specialist expertise to address the social and environmental issues of our time. It’s our way of creating the future.

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