Enabling Innovation Through Diversity and Empathy at Workplace

With 7,500 patents globally and 3,500 in India, Samsung Research Institute Bangalore (SRI-B) - the biggest patent filer in the country is breaking its own records. What’s more astounding is that nearly 50% of these patent filers are first-time inventors, with about 27% having less than five years of experience. Wondering where does this dose of creativity and inspiration come from? The answer lies in the diverse environment and inclusive teams of SRI-B. It is the place where everyone feels comfortable in bringing their unique perspectives to the table.

Neha Sharma, a proud member of this house of creators and a doting mother of two kids, says, “I was initially sceptical of how would I match the pace of such a competitive workplace. But thanks to the high-energy environment and exceptional support of my team, here I am with around 70 patent applications in 14 years of my journey with SRI-B. In fact, my first patent application was in early 45 days of joining, and my team called for a celebration to honour this achievement. I felt so special, motivated and this boosted my self-confidence.” Featured as one of the leading Indian patent holders in The Times of India, Neha is now working in the 6G Lab and many of her patents on wireless technologies like 4G, 5G and B5G are a part of 3GPP standards.

Neha with her team, World IP Day Award, Best Techie Awards on International Womens Day, Super Tech award ‘Innovator’

In a dynamic workplace like SRI-B, it is natural to appreciate and encourage good work. But what happens when an employee is in a fix to choose between work and personal responsibilities? Neha had a similar situation when she was an integral part of the Mobile team project that required her to go on business travel for 2 months. As a mother of a 1-year-old, she decided to travel with her family. Unfortunately, the visa application for her family members did not get through. Explaining her tense situation, Neha said, “My husband was not in town. I was clueless about what to do as the project was at a critical stage, and at the same time, I had a 1-year old alone at home. When I shared this with manager, he told me that my child should be my priority and I will not be going on travel. He prioritized my personal situation over work, without making me feel guilty about it. I was so touched.”

This was just one of the many instances when Neha received relentless support from SRI-B. Talking about the flexible work culture, emotionally safe and familial atmosphere at the workplace, Neha mentioned how SRI-B supported when she faced complications during her second child birth. Having received so much love and care from her second home, Neha thought of extending her support to the community by creating a club for Working Moms. Started in March 2021, this club has over 100 active members who discuss common issues that are encountered as working women or mothers.

Neha with her kids, Meetup of ERG for Working Moms Club

This club organizes several events and invites eminent speakers who help women navigate daily hurdles and inspire them to rethink, re-envision and re-ignite their determination to excel in career and balancing family needs. From shying away initially to now sharing anything and everything about their lives, this club has come a long way. “The journey of establishing this club and witnessing how people are benefitting from it gives me a sense of fulfilment”, said Neha. Many others like Neha feel proud to work for SRI-B, where they could come in and share about their personal lives without the fear of people judging them or looking down on them.

Given the current situation in the world, treating each other with kindness and compassion is the true essence of diversity and inclusion. SRI-B continuously strives to contribute to a more balanced and inclusive work environment by ensuring unbiased people and culture practices in recruitment, recognition, learning and growth opportunities.

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