Discovering a New Dimension to Design as a Young Woman Professional at SRI-B

Isn’t it dreamy to have a fun and fulfilling career that nurtures you not just professionally but also personally? Many are living their dreams at Samsung Research Institute Bangalore (SRI-B) where people from different corners of the country come together and create miracles in their innovative and collaborative spirits. Alishka Shah, Senior Designer of UX team is one such passionate SRIBian who feels lucky to have found her dream job in the first attempt.

When asked how this 25-year-old found herself at SRI-B, Alishka said, “Nearing completion of my graduation from National Institute of Design, I was faced with the dilemma of how to take forward my academic learnings and apply it in the real world such that it could actually make a difference. SRI-B came as a choice in campus placement and I recall this interview being one of the most intriguing, transparent and full of free-flowing conversations, and since then I had no second thoughts about it.”

Fast-forward one year, Alishka is honing her multi-disciplinary creative interests here in SRI-B. Presently, by the day you’ll find her navigating the vast landscapes of user experience design, and by night she often moonlights as a visual designer exploring and experimenting with the latest mediums and trends. It takes a lot to design creatively, and to get her dose of inspiration, Alishka indulges in different experiences such as meeting new people, trying new cuisines, visiting cities and learning about different cultures. While professionally known as a designer, Alishka is a certified Scuba Diver and Yoga Instructor too!

When asked about how she manages to succeed in this competitive R&D environment, Alishka admits that, as a young fresher, she was intimidated, but team members and mentors at SRI-B were a monumental force in shaping her career. The team comprises industry experts and thought leaders with years of wisdom and experience under their belt. “These factors have been a great source of motivation for young newcomers like me, helping us reach our true potential. The design leadership, ambitious work environment and culture at SRI-B have proven to be catalysts in my growth”, said Alishka who is a recent Annual Award winner in ‘The Ascendant Stars’ category.

Alishka’s first major project at SRI-B entailed conceptualising a vision and roadmap for Samsung’s augmented reality creation App called AR Canvas. As one of the core members in the project, she was actively involved in the design process from desk research and analysis to generation of user insights, user scenarios, concept development, proposal and pitching. This project made way for cross-collaboration with international counterparts as well as cross-team collaboration within the organization.

Alishka feels it has been a rewarding experience to partake in both innovation-led vision pitches and commercialisation projects in her very first year of joining the organisation. “These exciting projects come with their fair share of challenges and navigating through these has been my greatest learning over the year. Being pro-active, seeking feedback, regular communication with stakeholders and being open to ambiguity and change are some of the things that helped me grow.”

Visual Experience Team 2022 (In picture from left to right: Rishabh, Arjun, Sudip, Swadha, Ashish, Debayan, Aravindh, Adarsh, Harmish, Amit, Kiran, Alishka, Dharish, Vishal, Navaneeth)

“Having the opportunity to work on a mixed bag of projects allows me to identify my passion and chart my path in the organization. The exposure of getting to witness the breakthrough research and technologies that are born here is unmatched. Envisioning my future at SRI-B, I look forward to learning from the experts and joining the band of academic researchers and patent champions here”, says Alishka as she charters her career growth plan at SRI-B.

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