Saving lives through our work at Samsung R&D Bangalore

Nishant Gupta’s work at Samsung R&D Institute- Bangalore literally saves lives.

It is the dream of many to create a real difference in the world through their work. Nishant Gupta is one of the young engineers at Samsung R&D Institute- Bangalore (SRI-B) who is able to make this happen, thanks to our role in developing global communication standards. Nishant works on helping define standards for communication during public safety, which assists authorities in sharing crucial information with each other in the event of emergencies such as natural and man-made disasters. Using these standardized communication protocols, public safety officers can share information in different formats so that they can communicate and coordinate better and faster. For example, in case of a fire in a building, safety officers can share a map of the facility to understand the layout of the rooms and therefore ensure that more people are saved.

An award medal is being given to an awardee.

In pic: Nishant Gupta receiving the coveted Annual Award at Samsung R&D Bangalore

Nishant’s work at Samsung gives him the opportunity to collaborate with his peers across the world and solve complex problems, to simplify the task of communicating in critical situations. His efforts could ultimately lead to several lives being saved in an emergency situation.

Delivering such meaningful innovations that bring real value to people across the globe is part of what we do at SRI-B. With our culture of developing cutting-edge technology that recognizes a true consumer requirement, Samsung R&D Bangalore is the perfect place to bring alive your aspirations to make a real difference with your work.

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