Srinivasa Rao Payyavula's learning and development journey with Samsung

Samsung R&D Bangalore offers differentiated learning for holistic individual development

“Some trainings help you gain knowledge while some leave an everlasting impact on your mind. I think COMMUP and TRANSCEND belong to that category where I received immense knowledge and witnessed how the learnings are put into action and yielding results in my day to day activities”

Srinivasa Rao Payyavula from IOT R&D team was one of the chosen participant in the maiden batch of COMMUP and TRANSCEND, two very distinct programs with the aim of transforming managers. As managers, developing a great personal brand is crucial to enhance the impact on the organization, through better rapport within teams and with other stakeholders. To enable this aspect, a program for young managers to transform through effective communication and enhance BRAND ‘YOU’ was created under COMMUP. It was a pilot project with a limited set of mid-level managers where leaders like Srinivasa came forward to unlearn, re-learn and discover new aspects about personal branding.

TRANSCEND, the capability building program also enhanced the managerial and business skills for Srinivasa. He understood the role of extensive collaboration while executing a platform as part of his project with his TRANSCEND team members. The "Mentor-Mentee" coaching platform introduced for members across his Group allowed the participants to choose a coach and gain expertise in a specific domain. This learning intervention was widely appreciated by the participants.

“The change in my approach is very evident while dealing with a circumstance or a peer post attending these customized programs”, shares Srinivasa who will soon complete nine years of working with SRI-B. It has helped him with enhanced leadership qualities, effective storytelling, engaging in constructive discussions with the elevator pitch and execution of an end to end coaching platform in his group, thereby building a positive culture.

COMMUP and TRANSCEND are two successful programs that received great appreciation from the participants. Samsung R&D Bangalore offers both online and offline learning programs that cuts across the organization for an overall growth: both at an individual and organizational level. The constant encouragement has resulted in utilization of more than 2400 online courses on management and technology. The multi-faceted knowledge opportunities at SRI-B is aimed to enable every individual in their learning journey and help them grow continuously.

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