New Research Publication Record at SRI-B!

Samsung R&D Institute – Bangalore (SRI-B) takes pride in its open innovation culture, where engineers are supported and encouraged to pursue their research interests even while contributing to product development.

Over the years, the R&D centre has filed over 3,500 patents in India and more than 7500 patents globally, and is recognized as the no.1 patent filer in the country.

The organization’s dedicated focus on research have also empowered several engineers from SRI-B to explore new technological possibilities in various domains, leading to more than 500 research articles being published in globally renowned forums in recent years.

In 2022, one of our engineers, Sukhdeep Singh from the Network Call & OAM Team, created a new record in SRI-B for the most number of publications in the year, with nine research articles published in various forums, including IEEE Communications Standard Journal, IEEE Access Journal, IEEE ICC WS and IEEE Globecom WS.

In his time in SRI-B, he has collaborated with several researchers to articulate and solve the problems in the field of AI in wireless, O-RAN, Network slicing, QUIC protocol, MPTCP and the like, and has been actively engaged in enhancing the functionalities of AI server platform through his research work.

When asked about the drive behind his success, Sukhdeep shared, "The open innovation environment and strong support within my team as well as other teams in SRI-B has always motivated me to take on multiple research problems simultaneously and yearn for productive research outcomes. Hope we continue to contribute more to the Innovation journey in the years to come."

SRIBians have always strived to push beyond boundaries and unlock new possibilities with each passing year. Sukhdeep’s story is one among many inspired and highly motivated individuals in the organization, with each one driven by a thought: #DoWhatYouCant.

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