In Quest of Innovation

Thinking beyond boundaries, transforming ideas into patents

Have you ever met a curious kid who leaves you puzzled with mind-boggling questions? If so, you may be able to identify with Dr. Satya Kumar Vankayala from Network Call & OAM Team of Samsung R&D Bangalore (SRI-B) whose curiosity has led him to discover the path to the magical land of innovation. With 21 patents, 10 papers and 6 internal rewards and recognition under his belt in the last 4 years, Satya believes that he is in his dream workplace that nurtures him to grow beyond boundaries. The culture of innovation at SRI-B is flourishing, thanks to all engineers who devote themselves to advancing the frontlines of technical knowledge every single day.

Dr. Satya awarded ‘Technical Role Model’ by Zinnov in Y2021

“This is the place where anyone can write patents. No matter whether you’re a fresher or experienced professional, all of us are empowered with the right training and support system to write our ideas. SRI-B has helped me bloom in its true sense. I have never felt this alive in my previous organization”, said Satya who was recently recognized by Zinnov as ‘Technical Role Model’ for his dedication to research and developing patents around 'AI in Communications'. Most of his ideas originate by thinking hard about ‘how to enhance end user’s experience and how operators can benefit’. Satya is part of various Virtual RAN and Open RAN activities in SRI-B, and some of his recent patents are related to enhancement of quality in voice or video calls and improving the coverage area of the base station.

Writing patents requires creativity, motivation and support. Withstanding the first bump in the road and persistently focusing on the bigger picture isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But SRI-B makes it possible by creating a conducive environment for innovators. There’s a specialized IP team to give Invention Creation training, who help in strengthening ideas through ideation workshops. SRI-B has filed over 7500 patents globally so far and, over the last 4 years, there has been a whopping 100% increase in the annual patent filings.

IP Training workshop in SRI-B (Y2018)

For Satya, writing patents is an outcome of an inner rush of energy and an unsatisfying desire that brought him to office even on weekends. “Writing patents is my passion. And spending weekends in SRI-B Labs to live this passion is my privilege.”

His love for technology originates from his academic days while pursuing Masters from IIT Guwahati, where he got a chance to work on a sponsored live project. That’s where the seeds were sown and, since then, there was nothing that could stop him! His love for learning, exploring and quest for R&D only increased during PhD from IISc Bangalore with exciting opportunities to work on industry-focused R&D projects.

IISc PhD Convocation in Y2018

“Many of my friends from IIT accepted job offers from corporates and settled in their lives. But I always felt I haven’t reached my destination, and went on to pursue PhD. It’s a tough choice to make when others of your age are enjoying the pleasures of life with luxury and comfort, but you think of long-term and plan to invest your time in something more rewarding. Today, SRI-B has provisioned for study while working and my colleagues are able to enjoy the best of both worlds – education and career growth.”

A senior member of IEEE with an ocean of knowledge, Satya is now helping to foster the right environment for developing ideas into patents. “Idea is like your baby, it needs to be nurtured to develop as a patent”, says Satya. He drives the IP Champion Program in his group and has mentored over 20 people to write ideas. This is his way of giving back to the R&D community and enjoys mentoring young engineers, especially fresh grads as they have no dearth of ideas and are filled with enthusiasm to make it happen.

He is also an active member of Samsung PRISM (Preparing and Inspiring Student Minds), an industry-academia program that aims to build capabilities among students and stimulate Indian ecosystem. Leveraging his strong network of professors, Satya has helped to onboard 4 colleges and guided over 30 students in live projects on 5G, Machine learning, AI and ML.

Known for its open and enabling culture, SRI-B has a rich history and is a proud winner of Zinnov "Great Place to Innovate" for 3 years (Y2017, Y2015 & Y2020), Asia IP Elite Team Award Y2019, Zinnov "Open Innovators” Y2019 and NASSCOM “ER&D” Engineering & Innovation Excellence Awards 2021, ‘Excellence in Building Talent of the Future’ Nasscom 2021 and many more prestigious awards. “SRI-B leaders have enabled me to discover my potential and helped me connect with my purpose in life”, said Satya as he lives his dream here at Samsung R&D Bangalore.

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