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Sowbarnika’s inspiring journey as a Gold medallist

It was an outstanding moment of pride for Samsung Research & Development Institute Bangalore (SRI-B) when Sowbarnika Thiruppathiraj, chief engineer from the IoT Connectivity team, graduated in the M.tech program with a gold medal from the renowned Indian Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIITB). Having spent over seven years with SRI-B, success is no stranger to Sowbarnika, who is also a Samsung certified SWC Professional and a 2018 Annual Award Winner. Her passion for technology and drive to continuously develop herself enabled her to make the most of the learning opportunity provided by SRI-B.

In the recently concluded “virtual convocation” – the new normal and probably the first of its kind for IIITB, Sowbarnika brimmed with pride and gratification. She expressed appreciation towards SRI-B for the opportunity given to her as it allowed her to pursue the dream of higher education.

In a batch of 188 graduates including 30 SRIBians, 158 were IIITB full-time students, and then there was multi-tasker Sowbarnika, who juggled between work, studies and household duties.

The course demanded her time and energy and as a full-timer with SRI-B, she still had projects to deliver, not to mention the responsibilities that comes with being a wife.

Supportive colleagues and understanding managers, together with the encouragement shown by her husband and family, helped her move forward steadily.

On being asked, how she motivated herself through this journey, she shared, “I would make small goals to keep me going. I focused on goals I had for myself for the following months, instead of looking at the end of the course, which would be 2 years away.”

Managing a fine art of balancing, Sowbarnika also ensured making time for her hobbies so as to always remain in a state of calm and to be focussed on her goal.

“It was tough; I voluntarily committed to doing it. But in this challenging phase, I learned many things which I don’t think I would have learned even 4 to 6 years from now. It feels like a new me”, shared Sowbarnika.

The continuous learning opportunities offered at SRI-B not only enabled Sowbarnika to develop herself, but also taught her lessons that went beyond the curriculum. She is the second one to win this extraordinary feat after Gaurav Kumar Jain , a veteran with SRI-B for 15 years and a bright member of the Camera team. Gaurav had won the gold medal in 2017 and he was a student in the maiden batch of SRI-B’s higher studies program. Sowbarnika and Gaurav’s commitment and drive won them the gold medal in M.Tech from IIITB, and is a shining example of the spirit of SRI-B.

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