Discovering Your Passion at Work​

Some people work, some play, but the lucky ones do both and often can’t find the difference.

At Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore (SRI-B), an organization that constantly focuses on people growth and development, there are multiple channels through which employees can build and develop a variety of skillsets, from Software and Technology, to Communication and People Management. And when Atikant Singh, CX Team, experienced this first-hand, it translated into the introduction of Toastmasters Club in SRI-B.

Internationally renowned as a forum ‘where leaders are made’, the Toastmasters chapter in SRI-B was founded by Atikant, who discovered his passion for storytelling after his first session in 2015 – the result of an ad-hoc plan made one leisurely Sunday morning, which left him astounded. Reminiscing the moment, he said, “It was the first time I saw a club where people gathered to just talk – why would you gather on a Sunday morning just to talk?” After being an active member for about a year, he was inspired to bring it to SRI-B, where exploring new ideas and experimental concepts never met an obstacle.

And sure enough, with support from HR and other interested friends, SRI-B’s Toastmasters Club was up and running and saw a record turnover of over 150 participants in its demo session. Being one of the first communities to have developed within the organization, it has brought together an ever-expanding group of professionally diverse individuals that share a common love for storytelling, and has gone to win several accolades within the Toastmasters fraternity. Recognized as the most engaged and happening club in the organization today, SRI-B’s Toastmasters is credited with having enabled many SRIBians, who once froze at the thought of speaking in front of an audience, bloom into confident speakers with professional-level communication and leadership skills.

Being a ‘people person’, Atikant also enjoys his work where he gets to study and understand consumer needs, and work on user-centric solutions.

“One thing I really like about Samsung is that it lets you grow in the way you want. You have the freedom to focus on what you like to do and plenty of opportunities to explore it. It’s completely open to experiments”, he shared with great delight while speaking about his growth in SRI-B and interest-based movement to the Product Management team.

In this R&D centre, individuals have the flexibility to shift between teams and explore their preferred areas of interest, opening windows to endless possibilities and scope for growth. Since joining the team, Atikant has had the opportunity to work on various flagship features such as AltZ, Multilingual keyboard, Alive Intelligence and much more. The openness to experiments and new ideas fuel the innovations at SRI-B, where everyone is encouraged to push beyond their comfort zones and dream of the impossible, whether hobby or work.

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