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Dr. Vijay shares how his life changed after coming back from the US

It’s not every day that you meet someone who could pursue the dream of two professions merged into one.
Dr. Vijay Narayan Tiwari’s work is unique owing to the duality of medical science and engineering research for meaningful innovations. Seven years ago, Dr. Vijay decided to quit his job in the U.S.A to return to India. He was working as a postdoctoral fellow at Children’s Hospital Detroit, in Michigan when he got the calling for a bigger cause.

Dr. Vijay joined Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore as part of the U.S. hiring initiative and he was on boarded in the Advanced Technology Lab (ATL) team. He always wanted to make a mark in bioengineering and post completion of Masters from IIT Kharagpur, there was no looking back as he also won the prestigious Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Having bagged numerous awards beginning with the Director Award, JSPS (2005), Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) (2011), and multiple recognition came through during his stint at SRIB too. The conducive research driven environment helped him to win the Zinnov~ Technical Role Model award (2017), SBPA award (2018), Nasscom AI Game changer award (2018), and Nasscom Social Impact award (2021) for Eye like Platform under Galaxy upcycling. He also has more than 25 patents up his sleeves that are globally accepted and contributed to around 50 Research papers. With good command in multiple Indian languages, and fluency in Japanese, Dr. Vijay is an inspiration to his team members. As the leader of the team, he has enthusiastic team members supporting and brainstorming on all next generation technologies involving sensors and advance algorithms.

When asked about his journey so far with Samsung, Dr. Vijay shared, “SRIB is a gold mine for those who are keen to work on different facets of a product. Here we get to research, develop and bring the product to commercialization. It is like watching the complete product life cycle. People management is another aspect in terms of learning and it is fun to work with the talented young engineers or freshers. I am thankful to SRIB leadership team for helping in creating such a research driven environment”.

The best part about working with Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore is the autonomy and value given to not just engineering work but other innovative ideas. Anyone with passion can really make a mark in this place.

“My most memorable moment was the opportunity to showcase an important demo during CEO DJ Koh’s visit and that was an amazing experience that filled me with enthusiasm and pride. The story of Galaxy upcycling also is also an outcome of this exploratory mind set and researching for the unknown charters”, shared Dr. Vijay.

Samsung is part of the United National Sustainable goals, and health care is an important area of focus there. Affordable healthcare is need of the hour for developing nations as vision can be corrected if treated on time. While working on GearVision project for a showcase in Mobile Developer Conference, he began to work on an important innovation related to eye health care. Through the Eye Like platform and Galaxy upcycling programme, all the components of portability and affordability was possible. This program also addresses the larger goal of creating circular economy. Enriching experiences like working on global programmes but executing at local levels impacting millions of people worldwide keeps scientists like Dr. Vijay anchored to the mission of creating meaningful innovations for consumers and the society.

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