SRI-B's maternity policy – the work-life balance moms need

Nirupama Rout’s experience as a working mother with a newborn

Balancing work and family can be quite a challenge, especially if you are a new parent. Long days and new experiences are part of the daily routine, not to mention the sleepless nights and lack of rest that come with having a baby. As an expecting mother, Nirupama Rout from our IT Team, was unsure about how things would turn once she had her baby. However, owing to SRI-B’s maternity policy, her worries were soon put to rest.

Samsung Research Institute – Bangalore (SRI-B) has several working mothers who work hard to fulfil their responsibilities – both to their work, and their family. But whether at work or at home, even superwomen need a break! That’s why, as an integral part of our culture, we support and encourage young mothers to devote their time to what matters most. Our maternity policy, together with other benefits given to young mothers, allowed Nirupama to take time off work, enabling her to bond with her newborn as well as recoup her energy. What’s more, the flexible work hours given to young mothers also allows her to get home sooner so that she does not miss out on watching her child grow.

Nirupama Rout and her chlid

Being part of the SRI-B family means what matters to you, matters to us as well. That’s why we ensure that you never have to compromise on your personal responsibilities while fulfilling your professional ones.

If you are looking to work at a place where your concerns as a working young mother are taken care of, please visit: