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Engineer in Samsung? Working on futuristic projects is almost second nature!

Many times, achieving a life-long dream is only one right decision away. And for Dr. Sukhdeep Singh, an engineer from our Network R&D team, joining Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore (SRI-B) was that deciding step. Being Samsung’s key innovation Hub, SRI-B presents engineers with innumerable opportunities to explore new ideas, providing a platform for innovation.

As a PhD graduate, Dr.Sukhdeep aspired to do something that went beyond the now; he loved to explore the possibilities of the future and being part of a research centre seemed to be the best route to take. But it was not until he joined SRI-B that he realized just how much there was to explore. As a patent powerhouse, SRI-B is a treasure trove of brilliant and curious minds, where almost all employees are able to crack a patent within the first two years of their career. The Open Innovation Culture at SRI-B enables engineers to ideate and develop innovations across various fields, push boundaries and create the future.

The creative and innovative environment in the organization enabled Dr.Sukhdeep to publish 19 research articles and 5 patents within four years of joining Samsung. He has worked on several advanced research projects, enabling him to draw deep insights from his experiences, as they led him to question, explore and develop exciting ideas. The support of his team members and SRI-B’s continual focus on developing and empowering employees to pursue their passion gave Dr.Sukhdeep the chance to represent SRI-B on several national and international forums (IEEE Globecom 2020, IEEE WCNC 2020, Springer Conferences, invited lectures hosted by top global institutes like University of Toronto, SKKU, IITs, IIMs and IIITs), and lead research collaborations with eminent universities such as Virginia Tech, USA.

“At SRI-B, engineers get to work on research as well commercialization projects, setting it apart from other R&Ds, which usually focus on either of the two. This translates into the kind of research papers we publish and the patents we file”, he said when talking about the secret to his success. To his surprise, Dr.Sukhdeep shared that it was only when he began delivering invited research talks and chairing workshops on global platforms that he realized the advantage he had as a researcher in Samsung. Working on latest technology and having insights into the future is almost second nature to SRI-B engineers, but it was not the same everywhere. People were awed by the ideas shared and had never heard of some of the concepts that were part of SRI-B’s everyday conversations. ‘It made me realize that we aren’t just working on regular projects; we’re creating the future’, he said with beaming pride.

Dr.Sukhdeep is a recipient of Samsung Best Paper Award, a special recognition given to young engineers and researchers in Samsung for top quality research. He has also received several other awards in recognition of his various achievements, fuelled by SRI-B’s innovation culture where timely research and an unquenchable passion for innovation has empowered the organization to emerge as one of the top R&D centres today, with leading projects in Networks, Communication Protocols, IoT, Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence.

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