Lose Yourself to Dance – Discovering Passion at Work

How Samsung R&D Bangalore reignited Darshan’s love to lead through dance

“Dance is a hidden language of the soul,” quips Darshan Shah, quoting Martha Graham, who is widely considered to be the mother of modern dance. Darshan is a well-known face at SRI-B, known not only for his dexterity as a coder, but also as an enabler for the art of dance as part of ‘Dreamz’ – the resident SRIB dance group.

“It all started with my internship at SRIB, back in May, 2015. This was when I had a solo performance as part of the internship closing programme. After joining as a full time employee on June, 2016, I read a post by one of my colleagues about the office dance group, and it’s been a fun journey of learning and bonding since then.”

Confidence, Communication, Responsibility, Teamwork – These are the learnings that Darshan has picked up from dancing at SRIB and that he hopes to teach others. But it’s not just the dancing that he has mastered, these new skills have also helped him professionally.

There was a delegation of responsibility across Dreamz in 2019, so most core members have conducted workshops and developed soft skills associated with being a contributing member of a hyper-productive team. It helps introverts learn how to teach as many as 30 people in a group – a skill which you can transition into a technical training too.

Darshan’s love of dance coupled with SRIB’s endorsement has spurred him to adapt to the circumstances, even when faced with a nation-wide lockdown due to COVID-19. During this extended period of WFH, he switched to online classes and 154 people registered for his first ever online dance session.

Dreamz is just one of many groups at SRIB that are centred around fun, free-time activities. The group has helped Darshan reignite his passion to move his dancing feet, and it’s a prime example of how SRI-B is committed to helping others discover their inner passion and create a fulfilling work-life balance.