An ever-expanding journey of growth

From Videotelephony to Artificial Intelligence, Sukumar Moharana’s journey with SRI-B has been one of continuous growth, rich learnings and exciting innovations

A famous quote by Marc Anthony reads, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”. While most people struggle to make this a reality in their lives, Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore (SRI-B) veteran and AI architect, Sukumar Moharana enjoys the privilege of being among the few who have.

It was more than 18 years ago when he became part of the SRI-B family as a fresher, not knowing what the future had in store for him. Coming from a village where becoming an engineer was almost an impossible dream, Sukumar maintained humble ambitions for himself and started out as a developer of videotelephony (video call feature) for Samsung 3G phones. The numerous innovation opportunities presented to him at SRI-B, Samsung’s largest R&D Centre outside of South Korea, enabled him to grow and explore paths he never imagined.

Sukumar Moharana

From the development of Now+ Service in the world’s first-ever Linux-based mobile platform commercialization, to the conceptualization and development of AI-based Alive SMS, which powered the Smart Suggestion feature in Galaxy S21 keyboard, Alive Shot, commercialized as Smart Crop in Galaxy S10, AltZ, and Move2SDCard, Sukumar has had the chance to work on several futuristic projects over the years, emerging as a key contributor to SRI-B’s OnDevice journey.

“SRI-B, although a 25-year-old organization, has a start-up culture. We are provided with an environment where we are nurtured and given opportunities to innovate, take risks and grow up the ladder”, shared Sukumar, reflecting on his journey with the organization. His evolving career empowered him to explore new innovations, chase opportunities and dream bigger.

With a goal to create a social impact and a determination to continue to push borders, he now aspires to be a developer like Dr.Geoffrey Hinton or Andrej Karpathy one day.

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