Enabling instant and data-secure experiences at SRI-B

Arun Abraham's story of contributing to our leading innovation in On-Device AI

As kids, we have seen sci-fi comics and movies that show amazing devices which deliver intuitive experiences in an instant. While many of those experiences have become reality today, it is often at the cost of our data privacy. Arun Abraham was one of the self-confessed sci-fi geeks who was interested in bringing such experiences to life while ensuring data security. And joining Samsung Research & Development Institute – Bangalore (SRI-B) as part of the OnDevice AI team helped him in the endeavour.

Our OnDevice team focuses on the development and optimization of cutting-edge technology that compete with some of the best models around the globe. Arun was among the first team members to work on the development of Samsung Neural Acceleration Platform (SNAP) – a leading innovation in OnDevice AI.

SNAP accelerates and optimizes various AI processes in automated devices, while also limiting data to one's device. As a lead engineer in the development team, Arun was able to make significant contributions to the project. Having once dreamt of building the future of device intelligence, he is now credited with being a part of the development of the Software Development Kit (Samsung Neural SDK) code for SNAP as well.

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