Speed, Ownership and Passion: Samsung R&D Bangalore's
Secret Sauce to Excellence

Workplace that brings out the Happiest Version of You

“Do What You Can’t”, inspired by Samsung’s tagline, Sujith Subramanian from CTO Team has learnt to chase life and career goals by igniting his passion. Samsung R&D Bangalore (SRI-B) is a house to brilliant tech minds, but a lesser-known fact is that it’s also a playground for people to pursue their interests and excel in it. We spend a quarter of our lives at work, and if the workplace is SRI-B, we do not have to make the tough choice between work and passion. Embodying the culture of play at work, this R&D center leverages people’s talent and interests as catalyst to challenge the status quo. Ultimately, this diversionary activity is what infuses critical thinking and builds creative confidence amongst innovators. Indulging in sports, rekindling hobbies and making time for things you love to do isn’t just possible at SRI-B, but something that is encouraged as we believe in life beyond work.

Sujith believes that his 10 years expedition at SRI-B has given him ample opportunities of self-discovery, both career-wise and otherwise. “It was during annual medical checkup that my weight problem really ‘weighed-in on me’. With 120 kilos under my belt, even my belt was giving up. SRI-B was one of the very few companies in the city to have a fully-equipped gym with shower facility in the premises. One of the biggest life-changing decisions that followed was cycling to work. Fast forward 7 years, I am almost two-third of my earlier self!”

And that’s how Sujith’s foray into personal fitness gave birth to an altogether new passion of cycling. Started as cycling to commute to work, Sujith began to enjoy the ride and utilized the time to augment his reading with daily dose of podcasts. In no time, he was acquainted with fellow cycling enthusiasts in SRI-B who motivated each other to ride longer distances together and later formed a cycling club. Communities and clubs in SRI-B have helped like-minded people to connect and live their passion. And this is also one of the reasons Sujith finds solace here, after changing 4 jobs in first 4 years of his early career.

‘Love for Speed and Pursuing Passion’ is ingrained in Sujith, and it flows in him hereditary knowing that his father was a runner for 35 years. What’s surprising is he never showed interest in running until he met some of the seasoned runners in SRI-B through Runners’ Club. The pursuit of running kept growing as the club members started travelling together to participate in Marathon races in different cities, the most exciting one being the world’s highest marathons in Ladakh. While COVID-19 outbreak has restricted travel and outdoor activities, it has barely affected Sujith. He has explored a new art of running around like a hamster in closed spaces, and recently ran a half marathon in his basement

While running and cycling satiated his fitness goals, Sujith also has a passionate resort for keeping his mind active. Continuing his childhood passion of quiz, he started Quiz club and his group now organizes contests in SRI-B.

With a lot of play at work, one can be mistaken if there is any work at play in SRI-B. But as they say, “When passion meets work, work becomes a hobby”. As a leading patent filing company, SRI-B has a revolutionary IP journey and Sujith has grown alongside this path as an IP professional. He has guided several inventors in SRI-B to secure the best patents and takes a lot of pride in his work. Research-driven strategy, strong and supportive leadership in SRI-B has provided a landscape for engineers to nurture ideas. As the top patent filer in the technology sector in India, SRI-B has won many accolades, to name a few, the prestigious National IP Award Y2018 & Y2015, Asia IP Elite Award in Y2019 and multiple Zinnov awards including the Great Place to Innovate in 2020, 2017 & 2015.

Take it from a man who is always high on life with speed, ownership and passion, “I am lucky to have discovered my passion for work, and well as running, cycling and quiz, all at the same place. Proud to be a part of diverse SRI-B family where we are empowered to bring our true selves to work and inspired to be the best in everything we do.”

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