Memorandum of Understanding with the National Police Agency for Voice Phishing Prevention

On the 24th of November, the National Police Agency and Samsung Electronics concluded a “Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the Eradication of Electronic Communication Financial Fraud” at the Seoul Seodaemun Police Station with Police Commissioner G. Chang Yong Kim, Samsung Electronics President Yoonho Choi, also the head of the Business Support Department, and others in attendance.

With the rapid sophistication of voice phishing techniques and increasing losses on the part of the citizenry, preventative measures to minimize damage have become an urgent issue. The two parties, therefore, agreed to cooperate on technological research to prevent voice phishing.

According to this MOU, the National Police Agency will provide the newest crime analysis data from actual cases of voice phishing, while Samsung Electronics will develop security technology, such as AI-based detection of voice phishing, based on the provided data.

Police Commissioner G. Chang Yong Kim said, “This collaboration with Samsung Electronics is a model case of private-public partnership in scientific security, with the police and Samsung Electronics, a global enterprise with cutting-edge technology, cooperating to prevent electronic communication financial fraud.” He added, “We are grateful for Samsung Electronics’ active cooperation. Moving forward, we will expand private-public partnership in scientific security to prevent damage from crime.”

President Yoonho Choi of Samsung Electronics, head of the Business Support Department, stated: “Samsung Electronics makes efforts toward solving social issues through many kinds of research,” and “through this collaboration with the Police Agency, we will do our best to develop technology to prevent harm from voice phishing.”