Experiencing security technology using the "Escape Room" game... Samsung Electronics holds the Third Hands On Lab

Samsung Electronics will hold the Third Hands On Lab as a security program education event for elementary school students at its Seoul R&D Campus in Umyeon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, on July 21

The highly popular event is an educational program that allows elementary school students (fourth to sixth graders) to understand rather difficult themes such as coding, encryption, and security systems, in a fun way. It merges theoretical knowledge related to security technology with games that children love for the easy understanding of security programs.

This year, “Hands On Lab” will consist of a unique event wherein children can experience security technology with the recently popular “Escape Room” game. With a total of seven to eight teams, the game challenges them to practice teamwork and the fastest team to escape all the rooms wins. Each room has security, coding, encryption decoding, and other problems of different levels of difficulty that the teams must solve. Every time a team completes a security mission and moves to another room, they can collect clues necessary to solve the final problem. Once they combine all the clues and solve the final mission, they get to escape all the rooms.

The event will be held on July 21 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Samsung Electronics’ Seoul R&D Campus in Umyeon-dong, Seoul. During the educational program held in the morning, the children will get to learn the basic principles of encryption and the theories related to security such as the Morse code table and coding tools for three hours. In the afternoon, they will get to participate in the Escape Room mission and apply what they have learned in the morning.

The host will provide group T-shirts, lunch, and snacks to all the participants. They will also provide certificates, while the winning team will get preselected goods.

Furthermore, various events will be prepared for family members visiting the event hall with the participating students. A Hands On Lab photo booth will be set up, so they can take photos to commemorate their participation in the event. Refreshments will be served as well.

Hands On Lab will accept applications from fourth to six graders nationwide through the Samsung Security Tech Forum (SSTF) 2019 website until July 12 (https://research.samsung.com/sstf).

“The children will get to learn and apply the fundamentals of security technology as well as its basic principles through a hands-on game during the event. We hope that this year’s Hands On Lab would provide the foundation for the students to realize the importance of security early on and grow up to be security experts as future protagonists of our society,” said Gail-joon Daniel Ahn, the head of the Samsung Research Security Team.

“Samsung Electronics will continue to work hard to raise social interest and train competent people in the security field as part of its sustainable business management,” he added.

Hands on Lab. Escape Plan - Escape room project. It allows you tu understand fundamentals through different types of coding, encryption, and security related problem solving experience. Date and time : July 21, 2019(Sun) 08:30-17:00. Eligibility : Fourth graders - six graders in elementary school(The first 50 people). Application period : June 24, 2019(Mon) - July 12, 2019(Fri), The application will be closed early when applications are completed by order and it will be informed by personal email on July 16(Tue). Application : Get in link. Program : Understanding of basic fundamentals of program encryption and education of Morse code chart. coding tool instruction and Arduino education. Pracical training and experience of escape room by group through problem solving. Entry fee : Free of charge. Supplie : Laptop with Windows(Tablet Pc and Mac are not allowed.). Contact : sstf@samsung.com

Samsung Electronics will hold the SSTF 2019 on August 20. The current Hands On Lab event and forum are expected to raise and expand social interest and participation in the security field.