[CVPR 2022 Series #4] Samsung AI Center - Moscow

Stereo Magnification
with Multi-Layer Images

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SCPC Registration

  • Applications for participation are open from June 14 to July 12, 2022, KST.

  • Preliminary Round : 1st (July 15~16), 2nd (August 6)

  • Final : September 3


Samsung AI Center - New York

Samsung AI Center in New York invents ground breaking technologies
to solve challenging problems at the intersection of AI and robotics.

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Samsung Research America

Samsung Research America plays a critical role in developing
next generation software, user experiences, and services in key domains,
such as AI, 5G/6G communication networks, and digital health, among others.

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Research News

[SR Talks] ① Interview with a Speech and Language AI Expert at Samsung Research AI Center
[SR Talks] ① Interview with a Speech and Language AI Expert at Samsung Research AI Center
As a speech and language AI researcher, I think people need more natural, humanlike interaction than the current technology level. The AI should be able to understand the context and history of the conversation and know more about its user using all multimodal information at the same time.

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