INTERSPEECH 2022 Blog Series #2

Samsung R&D Institute UK
FedNST: Federated Noisy Student Training
for Automatic Speech Recognition

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Shape the Future with
Innovation and 1ntelligence

Samsung AI Center - Montreal

The Samsung AI Center in Montreal conducts research in AI-based network intelligence as well as robotics.

It also serves as an outpost for collaboration with top universities, academic centers, and start-ups within the Greater Montreal AI, Robotics and Telecommunications community, while tapping into the tremendous AI talent in the region.

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Samsung R&D Institute Poland

Samsung R&D Institute Poland (SRPOL) has diverse team of experts working in the areas of human language technology, computer vision, big data, Internet of Things, and many more.

  • SRPOL proclaims Vision 2025 :

  • Vision: "Where passions turn into innovations"

  • Mission: "Make Talents in Europe enable Unique Experiences through Superior Products & Services."

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SR Translate
US/EU Service Launch

Three Reasons to Try SR Translate
1) Back translation makes it convenient for editing.
2) Saving edits on the web expedites your work.
3) Highlighted texts help you compare the edits.

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Research News

[SR Talks] ⑨ Interview with a User Experience Expert at Samsung R&D Institute China-Nanjing
[SR Talks] ⑨ Interview with a User Experience Expert at Samsung R&D Institute China-Nanjing
My name is Lin Ding, Head of the User Experience (UX) Lab at Samsung R&D Institute China-Nanjing (SRC-N). SRC-N primarily develops software for TV, mobile, and other electronic products in accordance with our vision of “Create Innovative Values with World-Best Software Technology.”

On September 27, 2022

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who are interested in software algorithm programming.