Samsung Collegiate Programming Cup 2019

SCPC is a festival for college students who dream of the best developers!

July 30, 2019

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  • Eligibility

    College (grad) students or students on a leave of absence (no major or age limit)

  • Contest Structure

    You are asked to solve algorithmic problems using C, C++, and Java within the time provided and submit your source codes.

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SCPC Registration

The 5th SCPC Registration is closed.


2015 Since
12 Participating nation
350 Total prize money (million KRW)
15,961 Participant
520 Finalist
137 Winner


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  • Location

    Samsung Electronics Seoul R&D Campus, 56, Seongchon-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul



  • Bus

    Samsung Electronics Seoul R&D Campus/ Nature Hill Complex 3, 4/ Entrance of Seongchon Village

    • Green Bus : 19, 3412, 4435
    • Blue Bus : 541, 542
    • Town Bus : Seocho 18, Seocho 18-1