SAMSUNG Collegiate Programming Cup

Samsung Collegiate Programming Cup 2019

SCPC is a festival for college students who dream of the best developers!

July 30, 2019

scpc sketch video Video Player
0:03 (Sound of typing)
0:16 (Samsung Co//egiate Programming Cup 2019)
0:20 (Exhibition of trophies)
0:24 (Participants)
0:26 (Interviewing a participant)
0:30 (Checking participants)
0:33 “It looks like the most competent students of Korea are here today. Nice to meet you and I feel proud to welcome you today. It is my hope that talented people like you would highly contribute to the development of Korea both by working at companies and studying at school.”
0:54 “Now, relax today.”
0:57 (SeungBeom Choi), “I hope you will get to fully put into practice your skills and show good results. Let us all applaud to encourage them and start. Please, a round of applause!”
1:08 (Sound of applause)
1:17 “I will count down now. Five, four, three, two, one, start.”
1:25 (Scene of competition and sound of typing)
1:40 (Current state of competition)
1:48 “The competition will soon end. Please wrap up.”
1:50 (Scene right after the competition)
2:00 “As mentioned earlier, the 137 contestants here are all already the most competitive software developers whether you make it or not within the top 48 and win awards.”
2:11 (Seunghwan Cho), “However, please continue to devote yourselves and grow into more competent software experts.”
2:27 (Scene of awarding winners)
3:35 “We will end the Fifth Samsung Co//egiate Programming Cup with this. All the best to you and thank you for your participation.”
2:46 (SAMSUNG Research)
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  • Eligibility

    College (grad) students or students on a leave of absence (no major or age limit)

  • Contest Structure

    You are asked to solve algorithmic problems using C, C++, and Java within the time provided and submit your source codes.

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SCPC Registration

The 5th SCPC Registration is closed.

Hall of Fame


2015 Since
12 Participating nation
350 Total prize money (million KRW)
15,961 Participant
520 Finalist
137 Winner


Seoul R&D Campus Map Seoul R&D Campus Map
  • Location

    Samsung Electronics Seoul R&D Campus, 56, Seongchon-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul


  • Bus

    Samsung Electronics Seoul R&D Campus/ Nature Hill Complex 3, 4/ Entrance of Seongchon Village

    • Green Bus : 19, 3412, 4435
    • Blue Bus : 541, 542
    • Town Bus : Seocho 18, Seocho 18-1