Samsung Health Stack Wins UX Design Award 2023 for Design Excellence

We are beyond excited to announce that Samsung Health Stack has been recognized with the UX Design Award | Product 2023. Its award-winning design approach places the users at the center, with an intuitive, visually appealing, and effortless user experience.

Today’s health studies typically require wearable devices to collect data, a mobile app that tracks the data, and additional tools to store and analyze the data. Unfortunately, developing these studies from scratch is costly and time-consuming. As a solution, Samsung Health Stack was created with the collaborative effort by Samsung Research and Samsung Research America.

Samsung Health Stack is an open-source project that provides end-to-end solutions such as an App SDK for mobile app development, a Web Portal, and Backend Services for various use cases from medical research studies to clinician services using wearable devices in Android and Wear OS environment.

The App SDK provides developers with building blocks to create apps for participant data collection, such as Onboarding, Consent, Survey, and Data Visualization to support various data points.

The Web Portal offers features such as managing research team members, creating and deploying app content, tracking encrypted study participant activity, and analyzing the data.

Our all-in-one solutions provide the right tools to ensure researchers can focus on research without the need to code, developers develop fast without giving up scalability, and end users can participate in healthcare studies without worrying about the UI, security, and consent of their data.

“Samsung Health Stack represents an important improvement in the preparation and implementation of health studies.” mentioned jury chair Peter Post “It allows medical researchers to focus on their actual tasks and provides patients with a better user experience. The open-source approach supports scaling and broad access to valuable application resources.”

For more info on Samsung Health Stack including a brief sharing from designers about the project details, please head over to the UXDA website.