Samsung Research Philippines Arts Club, Where Everyone is an Artist

on August 5, 2019

Whoever said software development was purely science was highly mistaken. As a matter of fact, software developers are a lot like artists – their output is highly individualized and based on their personal experience. Software developers take an abstract concept and portray it through their code, which is pretty much like painting a picture on a blank canvas.

The Arts Club of Samsung Research Philippines (SRPH) aims to provide another creative outlet for SRPH employees in the form of art. In this way, SRPH not only get an opportunity to maintain their work-life balance, but also enhance their creativity in the process.

Express your feelings through photos

Nowadays, everyone likes to take pictures and post them on social media, but somehow despite this people fail to appreciate the objects of their photos.

The arts club conducted a Photowalk, which gave SRPH employees the chance to express their feelings through photos and to appreciate the things around them while they have fun learning about photography techniques. No matter what camera they had, everyone was welcome to join the sessions held by one of the best photographers in SRPH, Erwin Daza. This experience was particularly special for him, as “being able to pool different people from different projects who share the same interest and enthusiasm towards photography is simply an awarding experience. Also, I think aside from the creative output each participants were able to produce, the best part of the activity was transforming officemates to photography buddies."

▲ SRPH Arts Club members experiment with their cameras during the Photowalk

▲ SRPH Arts Club members during post-activity dinner

To spice things up, the arts club created a mini-challenge that involved choosing the best photos for 5 categories: Animals, People, Nature, Food and Architecture. Only five people won the challenge but everyone went home feeling like a winner with their enriched photography skills.

The company will also hold “Hands on Lab” on July 21 for elementary school students to try solving security problems using the “Escape Plan.”

▲ Winning photos

Focus on your heart by painting

The SRPH arts club held an Unleash your Inner Van Gogh event, which involved canvas painting. Most of the participants had doubts on whether they could complete the activity as they do not know to paint. However, as the activity progressed, those doubts were erased and replaced with enjoyment and inspiration. They got to express their interpretation of love through painting Koi fish (Koi means love).

Due to the great feedback, there will be a second session for this activity that will also be held within the year.

The SRPH Arts club will continue strive to help SRPH employees express themselves and maintain their work life balance through art, because they believe that everyone is an artist – especially software developers.