Reference-guided Controllable Inpainting of Neural Radiance Fields


International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)



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The popularity of Neural Radiance Fields (NeRFs) for view synthesis has led to a desire for NeRF editing tools. Here, we focus on inpainting regions in a view-consistent and controllable manner. In addition to the typical NeRF inputs and masks delineating the unwanted region in each view, we require only a single inpainted view of the scene, i.e., a reference view. We use monocular depth estimators to back-project the inpainted view to the correct 3D positions. Then, via a novel rendering technique, a bilateral solver can construct view-dependent effects in non-reference views, making the inpainted region appear consistent from any view. For non-reference disoccluded regions, which cannot be supervised by the single reference view, we devise a method based on image inpainters to guide both the geometry and appearance. Our approach shows superior performance to NeRF inpainting baselines, with the additional advantage that a user can control the generated scene via a single inpainted image.