How People Get Peak Experience When They Using TV


Human-Computer Interaction International Conference (HCII)




Peak experience as an important theoretical tool, is also widely used in experience design. Current research on peak experiences directly applies this theoretical paradigm to emphasize the importance and design optimization of users experience critical moments, but rarely related research on the emotional experience of TV use of critical moments. Therefore, research on emotional factors for smart TV peak experiences is necessary. This paper proposes a performance study based on typical TV user, summarizing the method for guiding design direction to obtain the corresponding peak experience. First, through case analysis and user research, combined with a large number of questionnaire surveys to obtain the peak experience description of using TV; Second, through the study, the triggering factors of the TV peak experience are summarized. Finally, based on in-depth interviews, the corresponding relationship between triggering factors and emotional description is obtained, forming a systematic TV peak experience optimization system and tool to help designers better apply in practice. This study provides a method of obtaining a user experience described in connection with psychology, combined with the sharing concept, obtain the thinking method of contact emotion and design, for the experience design, especially the user-oriented product experience design has highlighted value, and expands the influence of peak-end rule in the design area.

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