Cross-Modal Decision Regularization for Simultaneous Speech Translation


Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (INTERSPEECH)



Research Areas


Simultaneous translation systems start producing the output while processing the partial source sentence in the incoming input stream. These systems need to decide when to read more input and when to write the output. The decisions taken by the model depend on the structure of source/target language and the information contained in the partial input sequence. Hence, read/write decision policy remains the same across different input modalities, i.e., speech and text. This motivates us to leverage the text transcripts corresponding to the speech input for improving simultaneous speech-to-text translation (SimulST). We propose Cross-Modal Decision Regularization (CMDR) to improve the decision policy of SimulST systems by using the simultaneous text-to-text translation (SimulMT) task. We also extend several techniques from the offline speech translation domain to explore the role of SimulMT task in improving SimulST performance. Overall, we achieve 34.66% / 4.5 BLEU improvement over the baseline model across different latency regimes for the MuST-C English-German (EnDe) SimulST task.