The Energy Saving Awards for Samsung Electronics UK’s Project Supported by Samsung R&D Institute Poland

It was the first awards ceremony of this type held at Tower Bridge in London, dedicated to energy efficiency so it was a fantastic result for Samsung Climate Solutions, the UK & Samsung R&D Institute Poland (SRPOL) team(s) who worked collaboratively to deliver the UK’s first b.IoT system as part of a wider DVMS2 VRF installation. The Element is the first UK installation of Samsung b.IoT system. Samsung Electronics UK (SEUK) needed to face many customer challenges and Barry Hunt (Account Manager) mentioned a few in the below comment:

“Aside from the VRF/ventilation requirement, the main challenges we had to consider were controls/operational related – They required a ‘BMS style’ controls system that was simple to operate, it had to be easily adaptable for future tenants and it had to offer multiple tenant billing functionality”.

Based on many internal meetings between SEUK & SRPOL, Samsung b.IoT Lite solution was presented to the client. It is a control solution that optimizes air conditioning operation.It provides a comfortable indoor environment, energy savings and operational convenience. b.IoT is a software developed in HQ with SRPOL’s support that controls air conditioning and other building’s HVAC systems. It utilizes AI based energy saving algorithms which enable the system to provide a comfortable environment whilst reducing overall energy consumption.

SRPOL had also supported the installation and b.IoT configuration of Element House in Birtchwood UK, teaching the local team and sharing good engineering practices in building control industry.

SEUK’s customer (AXD Environmental Ltd) is very satisfied with b.IoT functionality, so much so they are looking forward to implementing similar solutions in their future projects.