Samsung R&D Institute – Bangalore Researchers Win 2 Best Paper Awards at IEEE CONECCT 2022

Researchers from Samsung R&D Institute – Bangalore (SRI-B) received 2 Best Paper Awards at the recently conducted IEEE CONECCT 2022 conference (International Conference on Electronics, Computing and Communication Technologies). International Conference on Electronics, Computing and Communication Technologies, CONECCT is a flagship conference of the IEEE Bangalore Section, India. The CONECCT 2022 is a platform for technologists, researchers, business captains and industry leaders across the globe to share their ideas on emerging technologies and newer solutions that can guide and lead towards a better tomorrow.

SRI-B is actively conducting research and development to identify and secure advance Deep-Tech areas. Samsung PRISM program is one of initiatives where Samsung researchers’ / industry experts work with Professors and Students of various universities, to build such future growth technologies.

SRI-B along with Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, has been working on generating Meaningful Screen Reader, that understands screen content and produces generative text-to-speech. The team has published this work as a paper “LIP: Lightweight Intelligent Preprocessor for meaningful text-to-speech” in IEEE CONECCT 2022 conference, and won the Best paper award in 'Consumer Technology' track.

SRI-B has also collaborated with SRM Institute of Science and Technology, to work on Advance Emotion Recognition. The work focuses on employing physiological signals from wearable sensors to identify and obtain the variations in the user's mood through supervised machine learning techniques. The work “EmoSens: Emotion Recognition based on Sensor data analysis using LightGBM” was recognized as Best Paper in ‘Smart Sensor, Systems and Applications’ track, in the same conference.


SRI-B is the largest R&D Center outside of South Korea and a key innovation hub in the Samsung group. With the best of talent from India and overseas, our focus is on creating cutting edge technologies across multiple areas of Samsung’s business, that transform experiences of users both globally, as well as in local markets.