Samsung Innovation Day at Warsaw University of Technology

On December 14, 2022 SRPOL held Samsung Innovation Day at Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology. We invited students for a 4h workshop entitled “Where innovation hides” which was conducted by Tomasz Gdala (UX Design).

Participants had a chance to get the answers to such issues as: How to bring out innovation? How to cultivate different points of view? Who is an attentive engineer? What is the optimal solution to the problem? Why is reflexivity important? Participants also had to use gained knowledge and show creativity in the competition for the best innovation.

The competition task was to come up with a new way to unlock the screen with an untraceable finger trace and write down the ideas which were evaluated by Jury comprised of Strategy & Research Team members. Three best ideas were awarded with Samsung prizes (SSD discs).

This event was the first of the series of workshops we plan to continue on other universities, which will end with the grand finale gathering all previous participants for the interdisciplinary workshop that will hopefully result in bringing innovative solutions developed by groups with different educational profiles, and thus different points of view. We believe such a holistic view on problems, which technology poses to us, might bring better and much more innovative solutions.

Behind the organization of Samsung Innovation Day workshops is an idea of strengthening collaboration with core universities, as well as promoting SRPOL among students. But most importantly, we hope to find true talents, passionate young people who could potentially become future Samsung employees and who might bring fresh ideas and contribute to Samsung innovativeness.