Samsung Electronics Hosts the Samsung Developer Conference Korea 2023
for Software Developers

Samsung Electronics held the Samsung Developer Conference Korea 2023 (SDC23 Korea) last November 14 and 15 in Seoul, Korea.

Samsung Electronics has been organizing the annual developer conference since 2014 to communicate and collaborate with software developers, and this year marks its 10th anniversary.

This event provided an opportunity for software developers to share the latest IT technologies and information and collaborate with each other, with sessions covering AI, SmartThings, Healthcare, Galaxy Products and Services, and automotive electronics.

It was open to anyone who is interested in software development, and those who could not attend in person could participate in the event online in real time.

“The role and competitiveness of software will become increasingly important in realizing digital innovation, which is the keyword of future technologies,” said Paul (Kyungwhoon) Cheun, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Device eXperience (DX) Division at Samsung Electronics and Head of Samsung Research, in his welcoming speech. “Samsung Electronics will continue to build a better future through close communication and technological exchange with developers.”

In addition, he emphasized, “The innovation that Samsung Electronics pursues always starts with customer experience, and the best customer experience is the one that recognizes and meets the needs of users. To realize this, we are focusing on researching advanced technologies that create new lifestyles, such as AI and data intelligence.”

At this event, Samsung Gauss, the generative AI model developed by Samsung Research, and its three models including Language, Code and Image were introduced.

Samsung Gauss Language model is learned through enormous amounts of training data, enabling the selection of language models of sizes optimized for various situations. In addition to Korean and English, it supports French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Samsung Gauss Image model have the advantage that user information does not leak out as this model is learned through secure data that do not infringe licenses or personal information and are designed to operate on-device.

Productivity improvement in in-house software development using Samsung Gauss Code model is also discussed in depth.

In addition to Samsung Gauss, the “Improvement of Advanced Research Technologies and Customer Experience for Samsung Products” was presented in the keynote speech, including data intelligence based on knowledge graph research, mobile Galaxy UI features and advantages, the evolution of the Tizen platform, and enhancement of the connectivity experience for Tizen-based screen products.

Under the theme of “Samsung’s Platforms and Open Collaboration,” strengthening smart-home experience based on the SmartThings open platform, threats and opportunities that AI poses to software security, future mobile communication technologies transformed using software, and open-source activities for technological innovation were also shared.

A total of 15 sessions were provided in the first day, covering solutions to improve the experience in connection with SmartThings, vision-based clothing information recognition technology, Software Development Kit (SDK) that can track health sensor data of Galaxy Watch, and interesting new features provided by Tizen 8.0, etc.

For the second day, a total of 20 sessions were prepared including smart home healthcare service using camera-based remote photoplethysmography (PPG) technology, how to upgrade the cloud without interrupting Samsung Account service, software for electronics using cloud-based virtualization solutions, application of data and AI technologies in the medical field, and open-sourced collaboration plans through the “Open Source DB Integration (OSORI) Open Source Project,” etc.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics publicly recruited speakers for this conference, offering opportunities for developers in various fields to exchange and collaborate with each other.

Through this public recruitment, developers from Samsung SDS, Kakao, Hyundai Motor, Ajou University Medical Center, LG Uplus, and Samsung Electronics participated in the conference as speakers.

Detailed information about the SDC23 Korea can be found on its official website (