SRUK won UK Government Energy Project

This month the SRUK Energy Innovations team won a UK Government contract to develop smart energy solutions to help drive decarbonisation of transport in a trial to be run with 4 Local Authorities.

SRUK will work with 5 partner companies to develop energy algorithms to help better match the supply and demand of electricity, which becomes more unpredictable as more renewable generation sources such as solar and wind are used to power heating and transport systems.
In the 20 month project SRUK will be working with Octopus Energy, Connected Kerb, SLS systems, the Energy Saving Trust and the University of Strathclyde.

The UK’s National Grid spends over £1bn a year to balance the electricity grid; this will grow as generation and demand become more unpredictable. By developing emerging solutions for these new markets, SRUK can help Samsung develop future revenue streams.