SRIN Vice President has been invited by TM Forum Digital Transformation Asia Conference (DTA TM Forum) in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

On Nov 12 – 15th, Alfred Boediman (SRIN Vice President) has been invited for DTA TM Forum in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to be one of the keynote speaker relate with Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics topics.

The reason for them to have Alfred Boediman on-board for this event as a keynote speaker are that he is one of the leaders - founder of IAIS (Indonesia AI Society), and member within APIC ( ) under Dr. Hammam Riza (Head of BPPT Indonesia) that also align with SRIN key technology areas in DI and AI Localization. Also, he was one of TM Forum keynote speaker for Convergence & IOT 2016

Dr. Alfred Boediman

Dr. Alfred Boediman, Vice President of SRIN
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